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Ideas for children 1 year old

Ideas for children 1 year old

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It has outgrown the rickety era, but it cannot be legal yet. But then what can we do to surprise a one-year-old baby? Let's show you some ideas!

Ideas for children 1 year old

Ball in any quantity

The soft plush cushion for 60 balls with a zippered zipper is a simple plaything for animals, but if you open it, your baby can snuggle up. It allows you to insert colored balls into holes on the side of the duo, thus developing its low coordination, logical and fine motor skills in a versatile and interactive way. Based on customer reviews, it's a good deal! (picture:


Which child would not like to bunker and roll in? A multifunctional small house that can be transformed into a tent with a myriad of interactive gameplay, it is sure to catch up with the smallest member of the family in time. And the fad? The small "bunker" that gives you a sense of security also improves your little fine motor. (photo:

"Butterfly butterfly" Refreshed

Nothing is more than walking with an animal that responds to movement. Classic retro butterfly butterfly is available in a number of attractive designs. Nothing lost from magic. Kids love to push them down the hall and on the playground at home. It entertains and teaches coordinated movement at the same time. (photo:

Bulletproof Coat

Old-fashioned classics never go out of style. This toddler will love this bulletproof ball! It is very entertaining to figure out where the little balls lead, and it helps superbly to develop children's mental and logical abilities. (picture:

Foam ice cream factory

Based on online reviews, parents and kids are the favorite favorite of this ice cream bath. Even the little one who could only be washed in the evening in the struggle of the Ursian will be pleased by the paddling. Simply fill the machine with foam bath water, tighten the lever, hold the plastic ice cream bowl down, and you're done with the fragrant twisted foam ice cream! (picture:

3D Puzzle

Our seedling can learn to play as he improves eye-hand coordination and color recognition. This light piece of fun, colorful puzzle will make every kid a fan! (photo:

Music storybook or Stud doggy

A great gift for our 1 year old child is the Dalolу storybook. You can also flip through it while different lovely songs, tales, and alphabets, numbers, colors and shapes can be learned. Similarly, the learning dog is popular at this stage of his life, with a variation of a boy and a girl. By pushing some body parts, he taught songs, colors, body parts to the little one. (With the latest version, you can achieve more knowledge, so you can teach the little ones useful things.) (photo: (photo:

Wooden train

The train is usually a beast that little boys and girls alike will slip away. Made of wood, this 16-element version effectively improves grip and fine-motor movements. (photo:


Enhances your child's coordination and shape recognition skills with the classic overlapping cobwebs. The colorful pieces make the big tower a small one. (photo:

Book: Giles Andreae, Guy Parker-Rees - The Transylvanian Giraffe

He has been at the forefront of international success charts for a few years now, with the Fat, the necklaces of a greasy, greasy freckle. Poor can't dance, so she dreads the great Jungle every year. On a beautiful moonlit night, you realize that you just have to find your own rhythm. (photo:
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