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Why is there so much insulin resistance?

Why is there so much insulin resistance?

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Also known as the hallmark of diabetes is insulin resistance, which is one of the most problematic metabolic diseases of our time. What's in the background? Why is it important to recognize and treat in good time?

Why is there so much insulin resistance?We also asked dr. Koppány Károly, a specialist on PCOS and insulin resistance at the Buda Endocrine Center in 2014, counted 727,000 type 2 diabetics, 7 percent of the population. More than half of those newly diagnosed are women. As we get older, type 2 diabetics with pre-existing conditions, like prediabetes (IFG, IGT) and insulin resistance (IR), are becoming more common. total life "group has more than 17,000 members - this is an outrageous figure. Information is shared daily between patients. The number of clubs is constantly increasing, and in the past month has increased by almost 500 people.


The lively, comfortable, sedentary, and persistently stressful way of life, with inadequate nutrition, we practically question IR. This metabolic disorder, which has three phases / states, has probably been previously found:
  • Elevated fasting blood glucose (IFG: fasting blood glucose is above normal (6.0 or less, but not more than 7.0 mmol / l). As a result, the pancreas hyperinsulinemia condition).
  • Glucose tolerance (IGT) decreases, but insulin-producing beta cells mature (fasting blood glucose below 7.0 mmol / l, but 11.8 mmol / l after fasting urine) ).
  • IR develops (which, unfortunately, is rarely taken or thought of because it does not measure blood insulin levels). From here, there is only one stop to diabetes.

Complex treatment: triple element

In recent years, medical science has discovered that the signs of diabetes also need to be monitored: screened, tested, and treated. hбrmas element of terбpia hasonlу of 2 tнpusъ diabйtesz kezelйsйhez: szemйlyre made йletmуd terбpia, this rйsze the meghatбrozott szйnhidrбt tartalmъ йtrend dietitian kцzremыkцdйsйvel and regular cardio йs erхsнtх edzйs mozgбsterapeuta segнtsйgйvel or by szьksйg gyуgyszerek alkalmazбsa, konzultбlva the diabetolуgus / endokrinolуgus specialist , depending on what other problem (hormone disorder, PCOS, infertility, etc.) is in the backyard.Related articles on insulin resistance:
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