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The lawyer, doctor, nurse and baby in the home have a solution in prison

The lawyer, doctor, nurse and baby in the home have a solution in prison

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"Witchcraft", "curse", "Giordano Brunuya of our time", "sloth was his place!" - the horror of the henr relieved: dr. Gerbie went to jail. Our experts will help you to keep it clear.

In October 2010, non-institutional parenting and feuding rallied again. The special needs of a handful of mothers are debated, which is not worth the strain on their annual births. If this is such a small thing, why can't any government formulate the law that is being called for by just 22 years of civilians? How is it possible for a woman today to be given the law to give birth at home, but to give birth without the aid of an institution is illegal? Is this absurd? Then what do you think about the lucky lawyer's suggestion that 24 hours before birth, the BNTSZ should check the birth site?

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That's how you start talking dr. Zsombor Kovácsy Lawyer, former chairman of the Health Insurance Supervisory Authority. - Finding home birth control is a serious challenge. Birth rules have traditionally ranked this event among hospital benefits, and the conditions to be assured will also be tailored to the hospital conditions. So, because there are rules for hospital birth, professionals in the home are somehow trying to derive home birth regulations. The need for regulation has arisen on several occasions over the past decade, but has always led to serious, personally-sound professional-legal conflicts, thus losing success and drafts disappearing in the public administration. In my opinion, asking the question is not a wise approach, that is, neither questioning the desirability of giving birth to a woman who wants to be born at home, nor being able to proclaim home birth as the only way to happiness. The legislator should consider whether, and if so, how to achieve adequate safety in the event of an out-of-hospital birth. These inquiries are based on factual knowledge, international experience, statistics and facts rather than impassioned attitudes and country information.

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Dr. Csaba Kуs pediatrician, department head chief, this is the most important request. - Because of the one-sidedness of the media, sensationalism, people have a grievance over their right to excellence. The statement does not let you know that rehabilitation in the hospital is commonplace due to extraordinary birth interventions. You will not know how much more there is a risk of an unjustified cesarean end between hospital conditions. They may not be familiar with the statistical indica- tors by which it can be unequivocally determined that home birth is safe. We do not know how hopeless it is for hospitals to provide maternity-friendly care within the time available in Hungary. It is not the baby that should be blessed, but what the gap between internationally-based birth care and home-based practice is.
As if you were answering Doctor Kush's request Békés Bence, the President of the Free Federation of the Siberians. "The previous government promised us to create the law, but it turned out that we didn't think seriously for a minute." We were involved in a multi-day conciliation process, but we finally got a one-sided document listing what we do not agree with and do not help at all. He had his work done in the trash for several months. Meanwhile, his seventy years ago indicate that the conditions for home birth were not given. They should create the conditions for them, so why don't you spend two years doing that? The solution would be to create a baby college at home, where a more experienced pupil would develop the breakpoints. It should not be a prison for those who are good at giving birth outside the institution, but for sitting at a conference table.

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A multitude of European and American examples show that proper regulation can be developed. Elizabeth Davis a renowned American baba shared our story with us. When he started his practice in 1977, he had several friends in lawsuit and in open prison, and his work was also illegal ... They even started to sue someone in an emergency. They had a very difficult job because they had no support, scientific research proved that home birth was safe, it was enough for two high-powered doctors to threaten a few senators, and the bribes did not support them. In California, he succeeded in transposing the law for the seventh ruling. To do this, they had to get together with as many organizations as possible, and to create an independent organization, the International Federation of Independent Babies, who would determine their own rules. "Dentists do not get involved in the work of internal medicine ... The potty is a profession." We deal with healthy conditions, doctors with complications, and this is two-sided. But co-operation is very important, just for safety's sake, Elizabeth warns.
Bхvebben you can read about home birth here.