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Is there a good time for having a baby?

Is there a good time for having a baby?

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The request in my title is, I think, a bit of an answer, and the short answer is simple: none. And again, everyone has their own date.

No matter what one chooses, it is perfect when it is realized. As concise and simple as a negative answer is, life itself and the set of factors that influence childhood are at least as complicated as they are. apartment, car, secure workplace, career… The list naturally depends on who is important, what you consider to be a degree of security.

Family planning does not always go according to plan

If I take a look at my child's birth date, I can tell anyone that they have never come at the right time. I was pregnant with my grandfather when I was preparing for the big interview of my life with my headmaster in Tallinn, but I couldn't even get on the bus because of the sick, not to fly. I missed you ... Grandmother knocked when I was ready to go back to work, just arranged everything in myself, circled at my workplace, and it became nothing. Like returning and generally my career - it is more like having our children than having a baby in the eye. For the smallest audience, the time was surprising: I was 40 years oldwhen I first had it in my hands.If we look at the material goods, then I would have to say that none of our children chose the ideal time to come to the world. Our grandfather was just born, our life was not stress-free, My grandfather came with a severe spinal cord, it was not possible to die again. I didn't always have a car when I arrived in the middle. , it also means: bad cervical radius size, ultrasound image of nasal deficiency, etc. (I will add quickly that she is completely born and that everything is fine with her after all). all my children were born at the wrong time. If, on the other hand, they have given me the energy, the reward, my new career, my life, geared to my family, then they couldn't have given birth at a better time.Any other author: A Mom with five blog, family-friendly magazine, and Facebook. Related articles in the topic of children:
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