The child does not develop properly if he is on such a diet

The child does not develop properly if he is on such a diet

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Following the diagnosis of celiac disease, also known as autoimmune lupus erythematosus, many parents wonder whether the gluten-free ingredients and meals that replace the diet they have used to ensure the child's development?

Are the gluten-free ingredients and foods able to provide the nutrition needed for child development?Dorothy the Magpie dietitian, with the help of a specialist from the Buda Allergy Center, we asked if their fears were justified.

Where Can You Find Gluten?

Gluten (also known as gluten) is a white protein found in wheat, rye and wheat. Includes all foods made from these ingredients, so those on a gluten-free diet should avoid past bread, pastries, and cakes. It is important to know that gluten can also be found in foods that we do not even think of, such as those found in yogurt, yoghurts and sweets. In addition, care must be taken to ensure that the product guarantees gluten-free for the particular product. This means that, for example, a spice according to its ingredients does not contain gluten, but it can be contaminated in the factory or in the packaging because other gluten-containing foods are included in the same product line.

New ingredients in the kitchen

Those who are not familiar with the gluten-free dining area may be overwhelmed at first sight, as it may seem that there is hardly anything left for the child to consume in addition to the many prohibited foods. In fact, it is possible to make a very varied diet, even gluten-free, just to learn what to replace. Fortunately, there are several flour and grain alternatives available. Many products made from breads, pastries, and pasta make a gluten-free version, so it's worthwhile to buy smaller quantities of each one before you find out which one you prefer. The crafts are: cracked, liver cream, sweets, etc. We only buy those that are guaranteed to be gluten-free. This proves that the food is not contaminated with gluten. Always read carefully the labels of foods and foods before buying! Gluten is one of 14 significant allergens. As of December 13, 2014, not only on pre-packaged foods, but also on non-prepacked products packed at the point of sale, as well as in convenience stores (eg leaflets).

Practical tips for getting started

After diagnosis, it is advisable to seek professional help in adjusting your diet. The dietitian can also give practical advice on certain types of flour and cooking practices. It is also useful for rice, corn flour or potato starch, which is well known in many kitchens. The biggest problem is the preparation of desserts, which are lacking in gluten, which gives the elasticity of ready-made meals. For this reason, gluten-free flours behave like meats; ready-made cereals are harder, they can be dried out soon. The child is not the same, just like the new tastes. Known and popular in gluten-free cuisine, couscous, almond, chestnut, buckwheat, sorghum, sesame seeds and mixtures of these are also worth trying.

Complete diet, gluten-free

Once you know the gluten-free meal rules, you can see that this diet is neither one-sided nor based on cancellations. Everything can be done using the right ingredients. It does not go from one day to the next, it requires a lot of experimentation, and mothers often feel that they have to learn to cook again, as the recipes used work with the new ingredients. However, over time, this will be exactly what we have, and there will be well-paid recipes for a little taste.

No "little sin" goes into it!

It is very important that as a celebrity, you have to keep your diet alive! Gluten intake does not cause symptoms in all patients with celiac disease, warns Dorottya Szarka. The child may not have any symptoms, the child will not complain of headaches, bloating, or diarrhea, but without the visible signs of the body, the gluten-destroying effect, which can lead to severe weight loss, the consequence.It is important to emphasize that in case of celiac disease it is extremely important to have a varied, balanced - and naturally gluten-free! - Ensuring a diet for the child, as we can guarantee proper physical and mental development!Related articles in celebrity topics:
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