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3 Hints Against Histi

3 Hints Against Histi

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The drone era was on its way. Your child wonders how powerful and how long the border is. The blogger of the mother-in-law gives her advice on what methods she has used.

3 Hints Against Histi

"With the advent of the hysterical era, you notice that your hair is growing many times a day, your nerves sometimes (rightly) terminate your service, came "by the author of, and many people agree with these lines. Because we know that the hysterical and wacky era is not aimed at, but very important stage of developmental electrolysiswhich every little child needs to jump in to know his or her boundaries and to deal with his or her senses, com your author is now presenting practices that have worked for him. Of course, the list can be expanded freely.

Judit Berg is the Wonder Weapon

Berg Judit is great gyerekkцnyv his author, one of his popular tales, is born of Zhuhiri, who hysterics and, of course, shouts. One day, a nasty laughing girl appears and encourages Zhufi to continue to believe. The baby, however, does not want to make friends with this character, she wants to confuse her, so she has to leave the hysteria. wants to get the girl out of here, and the fictional figure here is trying to give up the histle slowly and slowly, as long as I'm assured, I'm here, you can rest assured бtцlelem.

Let's stroke the hist!

"Many times, my son is just so frantic that he hears me even if he is empathetic to him. kisimogatom the histite in it. I don't get used to me right away, but when I'm jumping, it's really good for me to shed "- another good practice by a blogger, like some other child psychologist - Jen Ranschburg, for example.

Accept kiss

The third proven method was a bit like the second: to confirm that the child we are not angry with him, here we are, and if you think, go and kiss us. This is about using parenting support, even if you are patient enough that you have chosen to defy it, and it is not as much a matter of ownership to say, "I think it is a pity to to come eat! / I wrote that it was bad that you could not get a shit now! " They're creepy, but really enough, if they are, you understand their senses, you accept them. And after a while, jumping, wandering, calming down. "Kids are different, of course, so there is no general recipe for hysterics. One sure, it's an important time in personal development and a very relevant pattern in how you respond.Related articles in The Faith:
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