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I do not love you! You're ugly!

I do not love you! You're ugly!

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During the racket period, you will see daily that your child has stings, shrieks, screams, and it is not uncommon to turn against small parents.

No matter how bad it is, you don't have to take the sin sentences to your heart. Let's think about where you heard it. Although our senses would have taught us the correct wording, I would say: I am angry! I can hardly bear myself!
The little kid has a hard time managing his temper, we grew up, do we? So we do not lose our grievous sins, but we seriously lose our senses, and with our example we show you how to sin against us. That is why it is important to say what we say in our tense moments. The "malevolence" of our child's direction is often a boomer we have thrown ourselves and hit us.

Don't take it for granted when your child is bullied!

No matter how difficult your hot bulbs can be dismantled with relaxed behaviors, our volatile romp can be an oil on fire. Let's break it to you, move away from him. If he or she is kicking, keep your arms and legs out of your way and keep it from hanging out and talking. So sooner or later he will give up the roughness.
At home we can do it all the way, but sometimes the big scene happens on the street in a shop. There is no other solution, lick the hysterical kid and go for cover before the skilled riders are involved in the fight.
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