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If your family is broken ... After all, how about Christmas?

If your family is broken ... After all, how about Christmas?

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With the coming of December and the coming of Christmas, there is increasing pressure on the parents. This may be exacerbated if the mother / father of the child is not our current partner. What is your solution then? How to reduce stress on children?

In families where parents are not together, Christmas can create unexpected obstacles and tensions not only for parents but also for their children. Generally, both parents want to make Christmas for the child a happy, affectionate, and peaceful event. In this regard, it is very important that we make a compromise, let's put our own grief aside, our desires, and try to find the easiest solution for children with the least amount of confusion.The baby has the extra tension of post-Christmas Christmas It often happens that foreign parents try to bid on one another: who takes the better, more expensive gift, the more intimate the holiday, the finer the bake. This places an ubiquitous burden on the children. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for one or both parents to have the unspoken expectation that the bride will come back to speak negatively about the time spent in the other parent. This explicit or unspoken expectation of the parent is that he or she has not processed the choice yet, stuck in the anger, grief phase, Worth Asking for Expert Help for Your Own Loss Processing. Protecting Our Child From Incredible Burdens And Stress, Because This Continuous Rivalry Between Parents Can Affect The Child's Adult Age And Later Relationships - Explains Theisz Dura psychologist, who attaches great importance to parents living outside, working out the holiday schedule in a flexible, co-operative way. It is important to be able to express their opinions and yet not to put too much pressure on them, and not to put the burden of judgment on their necks:? that it is disappointing to the other parent. Of course, it is important to talk to him about what he will spend with him during the winter break and how much time he will spend. For smaller children, it can be practical to use a wall-mounted, well-visible calendar that not only indicates how many days are up to Christmas, but also which days you spend with one of your parents during the holidays. Does this mean peace of mind and safety for little ones who have not developed timers yet? - It is the expert's advice. It can also help a lot if we are constructive, supportive of the situation and the person of our former partner. We can encourage our children to be prepared for the other, with a kind gesture - this will imply the message that their parents are cooperative and remain educated. And we can't even give our children a bigger, nicer gift.Also worth reading:
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