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You will spend a lot on the ground3 useful posture

You will spend a lot on the ground3 useful posture

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You are going to have a hard time waisting your baby and your baby, if you do not look down from above, but rather read or play with it. You can now systematically perform these on-the-ground exercises in the nine months of your promise.

You will be living a lot on the ground

Not only are you getting used to the hustle and bustle on the ground, but of course the tartбsjavнtбshoz too. At first, you may find some of these brides very uncomfortable, and even headaches. In this case, change it a bit, keep it shorter, but try it again the next day. With hard work, you can go wonderfully through your business, and your stiffened businesses will be much more flexible, stronger, and count on supporting muscles as well.1. Pillanguli
Start close to the wall! Squeeze your back from your tailbone to your shoulders against the wall so that your waist is flush. Fold in your belly, raise your head so that you look exactly forward. Raise your knee, fit your sole, and then open your knee as much as you can. You lift your chest, take a breath. Hold this pole for at least a minute, and you can lightly kick it in the middle. Make sure your shoulder is always in line with your pool! Practice it for a couple of days and then try to feel it when you are not in the middle of the wall but in the middle of the room. Who can straighten your body? Is your line and your pool aligned? What kind of change do you feel when you put two pillows underneath you? And if you rely on both of your arms in the back? Take care of the symmetrical support, do not lean on any of the controls! 2. Expansion
First of all, try it on the wall as you say in the butterfly. Hold for at least one minute, open your foot as much as you can, and bring your foot back. Finally, lean forward gently, while still paying close attention to your abdominal cavity (you are sending over the spine!). Get your chest out! Do it in the middle of the room afterwards and help your thighs slip through your thighs. Hang a cloth, scarf or rubber band in your soles, and then put your foot over yourself so that you do not fall into any of the offices. It also improves the inner thigh muscles by improving posture. 3. Open-air
Start over again from the wall as told by the butterfly. Prepare your toes in advance, close your toes. Drop your palms loosely into your thighs. Carefully do the usual routine until the end: press your back against the wall, line your shoulders, and align your pelvis, without warping your waist. Cut your neck, look straight ahead, with your shoulders flush slightly lowered. Then try the same thing by putting one of your soles on and touching the other leg. In the meantime, you can lift one leg over the other leg outstretched.How long?
It may be early during the training period one to two exercises daily for a few minutes. Faster, you can spend more time in these posts. But pay close attention to your maintenance. You can watch the father, talk to your couple, chat or socialize on the ground. A little help
Especially in the first few years when you are a newbie or when you are close to birth, when your stomach is already a considerable size, a pregnant year can come supports your waist.