Daily exercise can cause serious behavioral problems

Daily exercise can cause serious behavioral problems

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In the jungle of the digital world, children who have been left alone in the early days are becoming Mauglik online. They are educated on the internet, where you grow as much as you like and can do almost anything else without consequences.

Daily exercise can cause serious behavioral problemsTypically, parents are not able to stay ahead of the curriculum in technology, so it is extremely important to keep up to date and help young people to become conscious and responsible.

Should we give the child a telephone at age?

"Children who are left alone with smart screens daily in kindergarten may have attention disorders, behavioral disorders, and even autistic behaviors. only a small percentage of pages ask if the user is over 18, and even more than a dozen kids can click to say yes. in the digital jungle. "According to psychologist Dan Tuth, in a nomadic culture, it is not uncommon for a young man to have grown up from the age of 13, but he can take care of himself in the wild. Detects predators, distinguishes safe diets from poisoners. Our children need it too. "If our child has the right user awareness, such as mortality, data security, knows how to avoid or at least recognize sexually explicit, sexually explicit sex, Because this is a new phenomenon and there is a lot of question marks in the minds of adults, parents and teachers are often good at getting information and help. At this point, they say.

How to get them into the digital world?

In the XXI. In the 20th century, it is incapable of keeping our children away from technology, and it is no problem if they become familiar with it. The problem starts when they are alone with him in time. "The most important rule is do not leave them alone. You need to talk to them about digital things, just like you do with any other. Just as in our guided tours, we teach them how to look before they get off the boat, so they need to be introduced to this world. If you allow your child to enjoy the fun effects of the digital street, it will also benefit the parent-child relationship. " Different research results strike a borderline with "too much", at a given age, the personality of the child, and the choice of time, but most research agrees 3-4 o'clock daily above screen time, several negative effects occur in adolescents. There are people who say this is a lot, but we only think so. Many people already spend this digital time at school, and of course they go offline after school. Which is a pity because if there is a balance between offline and digital life, it has a lot of fun even as a developer, "explained Danny Tuth.

What are the dangers of staying on your own?

The phone is the gateway that is all over the world, even though it is the greatest danger to children themselves and to their peers. They are not good at it, but because "everyone does it" they are afraid not to be left behind. Instead of true judgment and appreciation, we should learn self-presentation, and like hunting, instead of honest communication, talk. Their compassion and stamina are heavily underpinned by their own comparisons to others, the visuals on social sites, and the instant success they experience on the go. If they grow up in it, it will be "normal" for them. Without the necessary knowledge, appreciation, perseverance and communication skills, they will have problems in many areas of life, because the challenges of studying, working, and working on a private basis are more powerful. warns the psychologist
"While your child is small, you should not leave your parent's phone alone and get your own phone. If you are old and mature enough to get your own, then you will be better off letting your child handle it. From here, you can help them become a conscious, responsible user "- advises Dan Thutth. . In order to understand his words and understand the phenomena, a responsible parent needs to cultivate a little today.
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