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That's why girls learn to read more easily

That's why girls learn to read more easily

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According to a recent study, a child is three times more likely to have difficulty reading than a girl.

That's why girls learn to read more easily

That the boys are slowing down however, it has been recently discovered from an international study that chances are three times greater that they will have trouble reading. Greta Storm Ofteland They used a letter test developed by a renowned educator in which boys and girls in primary school were tested on the basis of their component reading and reading skills. And what was the result? The girls were clearly better than son in voice and letter recognition. " there was a significant difference between boys and girls, for the benefit of the girls, "he says Hermundur Sigmundsson Professor of Psychology at the University of Norway. Children who have learned to recognize letters and sounds to sound by the age of 6 are clearly distinguished when they are reading. But how can parents recognize that their children have problems in this area and what they can do to help them in their development? a method of recognizing a child's underdevelopment in this field before facing a real problem. If the method proves successful, teachers and parents will be able to intervene in the right time and help them with their reading difficulties, according to their individual needs. " "If we were able to recognize the problem at the right time and help them with the right tools, we probably wouldn't need so much development in the middle ages."

Are the girls smarter?

So does that mean that girls are generally smarter? Of course not, but according to research, it is true that moms tend to talk more to girl children from the moment they grow up, so the weaker will be less experienced in the recognition of letters and sounds, and more useful. to stay behind in this? According to Sigmundsson, it is worth adding to it from the beginning to talk a lot, to read, often emphasizing the letters and the sounds they belong to. from letter to letter. Allow them to carefully scan each character. Let's say all the letters out loud and encourage the child to do the same. The most important thing is, if you want your child not only to learn but also to read, it is best to choose a fun book that they like let them discover their little brains at their own pace.The source of the article can be found here.
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