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Special, knit Advent wreath

Special, knit Advent wreath

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It is a bit different than its counterparts on a traditional pine tree.


  • koszorъalap
  • kцtхtы
  • yarn
  • candle
  • gyertyarцgzнtх sole
  • hуspray
  • ragasztуpisztoly
  • gombostы
  • forest figures (I used some for my railroad table)
  • Gelatine + ink
  • Unique knit Advent wreath

    1. I made a bayonet that is as wide as the diameter of the wreath and as long as the inner circumference and then sewn it onto the wreath.
    2. I fixed the figures on the pins with a glue gun
    3. I prepared the gelatin as described and dripped a few drops of ink to make it beautiful blue. I poured it on any foil in any "t-shape", waited for it to freeze, and then dried it in the middle of the body (I have to make sure not to jump in the wreath, but also to press this button).
    4. I wrapped the candles in the heated base and covered them with the juice and streamed them into the wreath.
    5. I decorated the trees and the pond with the flowers and then attached the composition to the wreath.
    The Advent wreath photo and description came on the Baby Room toy.
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