Well, if your kid gets dirty

Well, if your kid gets dirty

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A little dirt does not hurt - in fact, it has a very positive effect on the health of children, because it can interact with bacteria that strengthen their immune systems. And now another light has come to light.

Bacteria in the soil, in the mud, also have fats that have anti-inflammatory properties and can be a regular "cure" for diseases such as asthma and anxiety.It's okay to get your kid dirty! About 30 years ago, scientists came to his knowledge. higiйnia-elmйlettel, which, according to nхtt azйrt szбmos betegsйg elхfordulбsi arбnya because tisztasбgban йlьnk growing, so much ritkбbban talбlkozunk according to kцrnyezetьnkben cнmы journal Psychopharmacology talбlhatу mikroorganizmusokkal.A just released Mycobacterium vaccae kutatбs szerzхi valу the nevы baktйriummal connection segнthet stress hatбsбra bekцvetkezх inflammation has been reduced, so some diseases have been prevented.More studies have and the knowledge of their mechanism of action is also instrumental in developing a drug that can successfully cope with mental problems and mood disorders. (via)You may also be interested in:
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