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Passive smoking affects the baby before pregnancy

Passive smoking affects the baby before pregnancy

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Tobacco smoke changes the metabolism of women, damages the egg cells and affects the development of the fetus.

Passive smoking also hurt the baby

There is a lot of evidence that those who smoke and who regularly smoke smoke, they are born with greater currency in children with cerebral palsy, which can influence learning and behavior. But researchers at Duke University are now calling attention to the need to avoid smokers before conception and, moreover, to reduce the use of e-cigarettes during pregnancy. Examining the brain of adolescents during adolescence and adulthood, we found that tobacco smoke it is the responsibility of the learner and the memoir. cholinergic circuits in the brainas well as Responsibility for mood and emotional behavior. it destroyed serotonergic circuits. Habбr the kбrosodбs mйrtйke the kйsх was greater tцrtйnх behatбskor under terhessйg, kimutathatуak were egyйrtelmыen you have already a fogantatбs elхtti negatнv hatбsok well. "The felfedezйsnek is important egйszsйgьgyi kцvetkezmйnye. Megerхsнt that the importance of the passzнv dohбnyzбs kerьlйse not only during terhessйg, but all szьlхkйpes for women, right before having a baby. " - He told Dr. SlotkinAs a professor of Diabetic Biology at Duke's Department of Pharmacology & Cancer Biology. Because cigarette nicotine is considered to be effective, the use of e-cigarettes is also dangerous when filled with nicotine-containing fluids. The nicotine-free e-cigarette cannot be said to be safe, but it has not been investigated by current research.Related Articles:
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