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How can work reconcile with motherhood?

How can work reconcile with motherhood?

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Working moms need to take care of themselves day in and day out, and stop to think for a moment about why they are so tired and exhausted.

How can work reconcile with motherhood? (Photo: iStock) But for the sake of mental health, it is important to make some steps to stay well and meet the challenges in the long run. Here are a few things to consider first.

Let's see the bigger picture

Be aware that there are many expectations of working mothers that are unrealistic. Does our boss think we wouldn't want to do our job when we go home because we have to go to the kids? Do my colleagues look bad if I work from home more often than they do? Instead of worrying about them, talk to us. Communication helps to clear up misunderstandings and find a win-win solution.

Find a supportive base

Working as a mother is too complicated for our lives to be able to deal with every situation without harm. Be it workplace distress, kids' school, or school things, let's face it all the challenges that other mothers work with. It's just worth getting to know like women, who understand our problems and may be able to help with their advice. This can be an invaluable help in our lives!

Let's stop feeling guilty

Unrealistic expectations are capable of triggering a collective sense of maternal guilt about them. We cannot be a perfect mother and a perfect workforce - if we think about it, it will only come with guilt. Unfortunately, this guilt-inducing society tends to be at the center of it, but we do not need to get into it. Instead of blaming ourselves, we try self-empathy, because understanding is a much healthier feeling. Motherhood is not simple anyway, and guilt makes things harder. Instead, we look at ourselves with more love, pride and confidence - and the mother of others who work.

Let's learn to laugh at ourselves

If we make a mistake or fail as planned, it will help us to get things done quickly if we can laugh at ourselves. Laughing also released endorphins, which also has an effect on good mood. It is just as important to be able to play with our children and have fun with our family. Not only will we be more comfortable with these, our creativity and problem-solving skills will also improve.

Let's know our strengths

It is much simpler to see our negative qualities than what we are good at, what our strengths are. When we think about what we do well, we gain our confidence and confidence, which can help us to face obstacles more easily. Good thing if we can be proud of ourselves and love ourselves, it will have results at home and at work.(VIA)Related links: