The working mothers are suffering from double consciousness

The working mothers are suffering from double consciousness

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Working mothers are double blinded by guilt because they are constantly worried about not having enough parents and labor in one person, according to a recent search.

According to a survey, mothers are more prone to working hours stresslike the abbot, but they are also at home in the workplace. For anyone who has both a childhood and a career, it may seem like his or her life is perfect. In fact, this situation can be a double source of guilt. Each parent has a lot of thoughts about the family, but only in the case of women is it increased stress and negative feelings. Shira Offer, professor of Sociology and Anthropology at the Bar-Ilan University in Israel, examined the emergency procedures for parents in high-strain work. The study presented to the American Sociological Society utilized data from the "500 FAMILY" research program, which balances work and privacy with middle-class families.

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The paper deals with interviewed answers from 402 American mothers and 291 fathers, all of whom are living in a family-seeking family model. Based on the results of Professor Offer a working mother they are subject to increased mental exertion about a quarter of their time spent awake, but this ratio is only one of the chapters in this ratio. This is a 24-hour and 24-hour battle. All of them had 30 percent of family-related topics related to concerns.
"I assure you that you are a big contributor it is the mother's responsibility to bring up the children"Your family has fewer pleasant associations with your family, so the risk of concern is greater," said Professor Offer. to the experts.