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Teleporting sperm coming?

Teleporting sperm coming?

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The staff of the Integrated Nanoscience Institute in Dresden (Germany) have developed spontaneous artificial sperm that can reach specific locations to facilitate fertilization.

Researchers in Germany trapped human cells with nanoparticles made of metal and were able to control them with the help of magic. The resulting biological robots can deliver the drug to specific parts of the body, increasing the chances of successful fertilization. The method was tested by Professor Oliver Schmidt and his staff in bullfighting. The biggest challenge was finding the right tube size, because one end had to have a larger diameter than the head of a human being, but also do not influence tail movement.

Practically, sperms are stuck in a cap made of metal. The goal would be to facilitate fertilization, but for reasons that have not yet been clarified, Advanced Materials The method shown in pages 1 to 4 does not work on human sperm.