Saint Pantaleon Kourrbz, Dunaъyevvros

Saint Pantaleon Kourrbz, Dunaъyevvros

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In the Danube New Town Hospital, the mother and baby should be treated with great care. We are seeing things that seem insignificant that really make the department friendly. (Let's look at December 2009 status.)

Dr. Bazsa Sbndor
Photo: Rbtka Йva

One of them is that the head doctor visits the baths every day. As a result, the bar only has its own private bathroom in the paid VIP lounges, and the toilet and shower in the corridor are clean. We were very pleased to note this, and Chief Medical Officer Bazsa Sándor will not speak about it. He attaches importance to the department's professionalism and knowledge.
- For years, the proportion of cuttings has hardly changed. We keep 22 percent. Every time we use the perfect technique, but we do not order the order. Mothers wake up on the day of surgery after the grafting by weaving (and not by weaving) the webs. Newborn women can apply for epidural analgesia at any time because all the doctors in the class have learned to use it. At most one of the relatives can take care of the mother, so the baby can be taken instead of the father. Kiss Deezh, who was the first chief physician in the birth of Danube-Yváros. When the baby comes to the birth room, the baby first goes to the exam and then goes to the butter. The pad is not generally forced, but shaving is not welcome. After the preconditions, the butterflies do not have to lie down, walk or use tools in the nursery, such as a purple wall or a butter ball, even a baby. You can drink, but not eat, when you are in trouble.

Mom and baby can be together all day
thanks to 24 ounces rooming
Photo: Rbtka Йva

And the other great attention we have mentioned in the past is that newborns in most hospitals, even if not in an incubator, but under the warmth of light, still adapt to the world. Underneath the light, a complete baby blanket is warming up - a puffy, unfolded diaper, kink - that soft warmth will welcome the newborn, who seems to be looking for males.
Born babies and their mother go to the newborn class, where no one else is separated. Each room is equipped with a balance, a diaper, where the nursery will teach you all about baby care as well as breastfeeding.Facts, figures
  • Yearly birth number: 886.
  • The proportion of cuttings is 22 percent.
  • Three single bedrooms are waiting for the family.
  • There are 16 babies in the ward.
  • You can choose a baby.
  • Della may have the mother in the living room.
  • Dad can't be in the surgery for a cesarean section.
  • 24 уrбs rooming-in van.
  • Courses for parenting are organized regularly.
  • There is no visitation time, you can meet your relatives in the corridor.