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Life stages are when the chances of being obliterated are greatest

Life stages are when the chances of being obliterated are greatest

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Puffy high school is cute and full-bodied school is good - is the fat grown sick?

Life stages are when the chances of being obliterated are greatest

One of the most serious health challenges in the Western world is the "obsession" that Anita Sasvбri-Szekeres, a dietitian at the Center for Lifestyle Medicine, a specialist in child nutrition, says she needs a complete change in conception.

The Hungarian school is overpriced

It is good news that in Hungary the proportion of overweight and obese children has not increased since 2010, but every fifth Hungarian schoolchildren is always overweight or exacerbated - according to the Hungarian Health Food and Nutrition Board. It also shows that, based on data from 31.5 million children aged 5 to 19, researched by World Health Organization (WHO) and researchers at Imperial College London, more than 20 percent or more of children aged 6-8 , of which 20.5 for boys and 21.9 for girls.With this, our country in the top 200 in the world - which has the worst countries in the beginning - is a disadvantage. for 85th place. We have "50" and "54" sold in the box.

Who counts as an overweight child?

The body mass index (BMI) can be used as a measure in childhood, but practitioners often prefer to determine body fat by some non-invasive method. in childhood, we primarily use percentile tables to determine the nutritional status. These tables and curves have been compiled by the Central Statistical Office to observe the data of thousands of children, the formula to calculate the amount of body fat. In childhood, we talk about overweight when boys are over 25% body fat and over 30% are overweight.

Risky life stages

According to experts, there are certain life-threatening stages of obsolescencewhen it is worthwhile to pay attention to risk factors.1. Intrauterine (all inside) lifeJust think that the fetus of diabetic mothers has a greater weight, because insulin has a significant effect on the number and growth of fetal cells in life. That is, it does not matter how pregnant a mother is eating: a pregnant or pregnant mother will be more likely to give birth to a baby and this is an intimate sign.2. At infancyThe proportion of infant formula-fed infants less than six months of age is higher than that of breast-fed infants, and therefore many have no effect on the reduction of breast obesity. However, it is a mistake to think that modern nutrition will cause obesity, but overeating may be a problem, which can occur with breast milk and formula. Many parents tend to think that when they are sleeping, the baby is probably hungry. Therefore, every time they feed their children, regardless of whether they are really hungry, they may have other problems, or they may simply be bored. All of this can be very risky, as it can easily tell your baby that food is the solution to your problems.3. Prepubert and adolescenceAccording to some studies, children are particularly at risk for obesity in early childhood and adolescence because they have a calorie-rich, nourishing diet when they are growing up. However, this theory is still controversial since, although it is not disputed that fat mass increases with the development of weight loss, experiments to date have shown that it is primarily in the uterine life, and in some cases afterwards. Believers in this theory believe that "only" the volume of adipose cells, the triglyceride stored in the adipose cell, increases in weight gain.

Fetal child - Stone grew up

There is a clear correlation between childhood obesity and adulthood. According to some researches, it turns out before the age of two that someone becomes an overweight adult. Thousands of overweight children and adolescents have been examined and found to be overweight in half of the overweight adolescents, cause symptoms - they are proven to occur. Those obese children who do not have endocrine disorders, who simply died due to unhealthy eating and sedentary lifestyle, may already be dealing with secondary fat metabolism disorders. In addition, they have a high rate of disturbed sugar metabolism, which is asymptomatic, but it is the hallmark of type 2 diabetes, explains Anita Sasvár-Szekeres, a dietitian at the Medical Center, a specialist in child nutrition. the heads, most of all, help children by normalizing their body weight with expert guidance, personalized routines and exercise programs.
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