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Double Y Syndrome: Screening and Symptoms

Double Y Syndrome: Screening and Symptoms

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Double Y syndrome is a genetic disorder linked to the Y chromosome that occurs exclusively in males. Many times, only genetic testing can bring light.

Double Y Syndrome: Screening and Symptoms

Double Y Syndrome (XYY Syndrome) Jacobs syndrome also call me. 1965 Patricia Jacobs geneticists and co-workers first described the characteristics of males with a dual Y chromosome. He is descended from szuperfйrfi name. Jacobs found that the occurrence of these superheroes in prison prisons was more common, but not comparable to that found in the real world.

Double Y Syndrome

In the case of XYY syndrome, the Y-chromosome is an example of an excess can be found in all cells of the body, so males affected by the disorder carry 47 chromosomes instead of the usual 46. It is also a possible mosaic form of the syndrome: in this case the extra Y-chromosome can be found only in one part of the cells.1000 newborns are one by one this is the chromosome aberration. Double Y syndrome is a random cell division failure that occurs in hormone cells and is largely non-secretory.

Symptoms of Double Y Syndrome

Mostly males with XYY chromosome sets no birth defects are observedhowever, height above average may be a characteristic external characteristic. There may also be a higher incidence of abnormal bone development, but other physical abnormalities are so neglected that they can be diagnosed with a greater risk of death. problйmбk. They may have a weaker muscle tone, and may experience trembling or other involuntary movements. In the Double Y syndrome, people were affected for approx. half of them require some form of special education. Attention disorders and mild behavioral problems can also occur, and men with XYY chromosomes may also have less than

Diagnosis and treatment of Double Y Syndrome

Because this chromosome aberration does not present with a typical birth defect, in many cases the XYY-syndrome carriers themselves are not aware of it. Often, only a genetic test will shed light. Such a genetic screening may be performed during pregnancy or after birth. The abnormality is detected by a specialist prenatal screening tests (NIPT tests) do not require fetal and maternal health interventions, but they are very reliable. With the help of a blood sample taken from the mother, it is possible to detect any abnormality of the sex chromosome in the early stages of pregnancy with almost 100% confidence. These are the tests fetal DNA found in maternal blood In the case of Double Y Syndrome, which is recognized during pregnancy, genetic counselors should generally advise parents to maintain pregnancy.You know!If there is a problem with infertility in a male, then there is a significant difference in the background of the sperm test - anatomical and physiological causes - sex chromosome disorder (Double Y or Klinefelter's syndrome). Further articles on genetic disorder:
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