6 Cases to Check Your Vitamin D LevelsThe Simple Color Can Find Out Your Deficiency

6 Cases to Check Your Vitamin D LevelsThe Simple Color Can Find Out Your Deficiency

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Decreased levels of vitamin D also affect our immune system and can cause bone growth disorders in children.

There are six cases in which it is worth checking your vitamin D levels

Exactly in which cases it is worth checking your vitamin levels, arrуl dr. Tar Attilбt, the Buda Endocrine Center was asked about adult and pediatric endocrinology.

Carbohydrate Disorders

Vitamin D is actually a hormone-like substance that also has a profound effect on carbohydrate intake. Insulin resistance (IR) and type 2 diabetes are now known to increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and to maintain or suspect it. If deficiency is confirmed, it is important that you take your vitamin supplement as soon as possible, as it can help improve values ​​and prevent our condition from deteriorating.


The excess is usually the consequence of an inappropriate lifestyle, but research has shown that vitamin D deficiency can contribute to the well-being of the balance language. It is not known for sure how much vitamin D depends on the condition, but it is known that adipose cells have vitamin D receptors on the cells that communicate with the body: use them more or more. if you are unable to release excess weight then It's worth a visit, but only because vitamin D deficiency is often associated with IR and diabetes, which in most cases is even more severe.

If you are ill

Many people think that it is enough for the immune system to support more vitamin C in our body. However, vitamin D is at least as important for boosting the body's ability to function as ascorbic acid, because it requires sufficient amounts of vitamin D to activate T cells. "So if you or your child can't get out of the cold, or it is relapsing"This may be the cause of the patient's lack of vitamins," says Dr. Attila Tar, an adult and pediatric endocrinologist at the Buda Endocrine Center.


In the summer sunshine, people are generally happier and more balanced than the torrential winter months. This is often due to vitamin D deficiency, as it cannot produce enough in the body due to sunlight. According to Dutch experts, depressed people are more often maintains the deficiency (we're not uncomfortable by the way), so if you feel tired and have a bad mood for a while, it's worth going to a blood test where you control your vitamin D levels too!

In case of osteoporosis

Adequate calcium intake is essential for bone health. Because of this, there is a lot of dietary supplementation of calcium after a certain age, but few people know that the effect of calcium is reduced without the presence of vitamin D, as it plays a major role in the absorption of calcium.

Avoid overdosing

Vitamin D soluble in fat can certainly be added to Vitamin D, which can have serious consequences. Just before taking vitamin supplements, it is important to check the amount of vitamin D in your blood and consult a specialist about the exact amount you need to burn! Read this too!
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