They start to realize how important vitamin D is

They start to realize how important vitamin D is

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Vitamin D supplementation is extremely important because, in its absence, it increases not only the risk of chronic diseases but also the risk of death.

They start to realize how important vitamin D isTakács István an associate professor at the 1st Department of Belgy Medicine at Semmelweis University said this fact had just begun to infiltrate the public consciousness. This is well illustrated by the fact that thirty percent of the adult population in Hungary is taking vitamin D this time, three times as many as eight years ago.
Vitamin D is a precursor to one of the smallest hormones, and therefore deficient in this hormone. With clearance, the immune system is upset and therefore at greater risk, for example, of bone fractures, bone diseases and tumors, he said.
It's not a diet problem, It is not possible to inject sufficient quantities into the bodyso you definitely have to pay for pharmacy supplements, ”he added.
He emphasized that on the basis of a united medical recommendation in Hungary, adults were advised to take two to one daily unit from late April to April. In young children, vitamin D supplementation should be continued after one year, he added.

Recommended intake for the prevention of vitamin D deficiency

during pregnancy and lactation at least 1500-2000 IU daily
infants (0-1 years) 400-1000 IU / day
From 1 to 18 years of age 500-1000 IU / day
adults 1500-2000 IU / day Related articles about Vitamin D:
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