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Brutal biting in a Budapest kindergarten: who is in charge?

Brutal biting in a Budapest kindergarten: who is in charge?

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On Facebook, a mother shared a story about a baby girl at a local government school in Budapest. The body of a three-year-old baby has been bitten in several places by the nursery school.

Biting, strangulation in the door: who is responsible?WELCOME TO ALL "JUDGING" PEOPLE TO SHARE OUR STORY AND TO BE UNAUTHORIZED TO SUCCEED THAT - mother started to share. She called the mother and informed her of the story. The baby didn't want to go to kindergarten the next few days, she was afraid of her friends.
"At about 4 o'clock in the morning I went to the kindergarten, then there was another child, he could not say anything. megharaptбk.
We went home with my little daughter and took her to the doctor, who showed me a certificate of destruction. Before bathing in the evening, I realized that my baby had a brutal bite at the "nunijn" level. (I would not mention this photo) I asked what was happening, but he only said that the boys were bitten in the wash and his grab hand showed that he was fluttering in the breast. (I was immediately asked what my 3-year-old child was looking for in the washroom without supervision?) now they need help from a psychologist, no, they don't want to go to kindergarten. parents know that "they can't really do anything about this situation, although they know about the common problem that mother-in-law has had a lot of trouble with, but their hands are locked in, they can't do anything. The case was not recorded. "
The family had more to do with everything: they went to the government, the police, the medical department, the pictures of the child, but they did not care. However, the impact of mental distress cannot be determined in advance. We are currently visiting a psychologist. Since then, her behavior has changed, her always smiling baby now grim, occasionally grumbling, sleeping a lot, sleeping with me at night, upside down. These are all things that did not exist before the incident - says the mother. district Napsugárr Kindergarten, as we read in the article on Napsugara. It is not the first time in this kindergarten that fighting, strangling, biting occurs. The local government knows about the histories, recognizes it as a harsh family environment and solves it - says your word.
They reveal brutal stories one after the other, a degree of aggression that is not attributable to age-specific features.
According to a parent report, it happened that one of the children took his head by the hand with two hands and beat him to the table with all his might. A boy slapped his little girlfriend and then put a lollipop in his mouth. It also happened that a little boy publicly licked another genius's genitalia. A baby's face and genitalia were bitten by several little boys in the bathroom, and the case was discovered, and the parents reported. All of this occurred in a school group of 3-4 year olds. As нrtбk the utуbbi nevelйsi йvben the kindergarten jelentхsen nхtt of the children szбma who eltйrnek "szociбlis kйszsйgekben" to their age megfeleltethetх szinttхl, хk szбrmaznak hбtrбnyos csalбdi kцrnyezetbхl jellemzхen, legtцbbjьk lives kerьleti бtmeneti szociбlis home. "The emlнtett problйmбk mielхbbi megoldбsa йrdekйben the цnkormбnyzat contacted the Ъjbudai Humбnszolgбltatу Kцzpont vezetхjйvel, kйrve erхsнtйsйre the Anyaotthonnal valу professional contacts йs segнtsйgnyъjtбsra the csalбd йs gyermekjуlйti szolgбltatбs terьletйn "- kцzцltйk, hozzбtйve: biztosнtott pedagуgiai is currently assistant to the highest jelenlйt attention igйnylх уvodai group. In addition, they are trying to develop further teaching assistant status. In all cases of childhood aggression, there is a psychological problem, so the "perpetrators" must also be addressed. The problem cannot be explained by the fact that few professionals, low salaries, young people do not choose the profession or, if they do, they go abroad. The question that arose in his post as a mother is how to do such things in kindergarten, who is responsible for how they are able to deal with aggression and what they do when they repent the situation of the victim.Related articles in aggressive topics:
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