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Free to freeze?

Free to freeze?

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Ice cream does not cause sore throats, but cooler body parts are more easily attacked by goiters. However, ice cream does not lower the throat to such an extent because it slowly heats up in the mouth during slow licking. Your sugar content is much more of a problem…

Milk ice creams contain calcium, but their absorption is inhibited by sugar. A child weighing less than 100 kilograms can consume one cubic meter of sugar a day without the effect of a health shock. If you don't have any added sugar in your cows' meals, one cup of ice cream a day is permissible. Creating good habits and healthy alternatives can also meet your child's needs.
Ice creams made with milk and cream are very lactating, we prefer water-based ice cream, which is also suitable for milk allergies. If we make it at home, we'll make it fresh and put a lot of fruit in it. The baby often enjoys licking, surprised by the variety of healthy, icy treats. We can also make iced lollipops from lemon lemonade, currant cherry and pineapple. Instead of ice cream, try homemade fruit yoghurt!