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This kind of locomotion can be the village CSOK

This kind of locomotion can be the village CSOK

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Rural Family Home Creation Benefit (CSOK) can affect domestic real estate market transactions by up to 15-18 percent and can help settlements farther away from big cities.

Such a moving force can be the village CSOKThe rural CSOK will not make a big difference in the capital real estate market. The rural home improvement allowance applies to small settlements of less than 5,000 people whose capital deprivation has been larger than the national average since 2003. In these settlements, in the case of an elevated, so far only refurbished, non-refundable support will be given to the family for the purchase of used real estate. According to the Central Statistical Office transactions in stagnant or booming states, so the current significant discount may affect transactions from 15 to 18 percent Benedict KбrolyAccording to the head of analysis at Duna House.He added that when examining Pest County, it is clear that the settlements benefiting from the present concession are located in the outermost agglomeration. A distance of 50-100 kilometers from the capital is required in order to purchase real estate on more favorable terms. Typically, this can include traveling by car for up to 1 hour per day by public transport, and the cost of this is worth considering before choosing a place to live - the analysis showed.
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