What Can Thrombophilia Cause During Pregnancy?

What Can Thrombophilia Cause During Pregnancy?

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Familial thrombophilia is genetically predisposed to thrombosis, which has both a lighter and more severe form.

What Can Thrombophilia Cause During Pregnancy?Pregnancy is basically a condition where the maternal blood is more prone to coagulation, thus increasing the risk of thrombosis, especially if thrombophilia is present. Dr. Zsuzsannabtul Szélessy, the Thrombosis and Hematology Center have been asked about hematology as to what problems thrombophilia can cause.

There are several types of thrombophilia

There are several types of thrombophilia, the most prominent of which is the Leiden mutation, followed by the FII 20210 mutation, followed by ATIII, low protein S / C and the MTHFR mutation. Mutations also have a heterozygous or homozygous form, depending on whether one or both of the parents have a problem. The homozygous form is heavier, so in most cases, the coagulant therapy is necessary for the pregnant woman. Therefore, it is worthwhile to screen for thrombophilia prior to pregnancy, especially if you have had thrombosis or have had thrombosis or pulmonary embolism in the past, or if you have infertility or foam.

What Can Cause An Untreated Thrombophilia In Pregnancy?


Unfortunately, it is very common when pregnancy is interrupted in the first place, and many times the mother still does not know the state of the condition, but in the first trimester it can happen anyway. There are many reasons behind this and in many cases it is not clear what is causing the tragedy. However, it is important to know that thrombophilia can also result in malnutrition, malnutrition, fetal nutrition, and oxygen depletion, which is due to the fact that fetal lymphoid fever is necessary. Unfortunately, thrombophilia can also be a problem, as the placenta / placenta's veins can produce blood due to predisposition, just like anywhere in the mother's body.


Early childhood and similar reasons also pose a risk to the mother and child as the child does not receive the essential substances and oxygen. In addition, studies have shown that the Leiden mutation increases the chance of developing pregnancy toxemia / HELLP syndrome, which is known to be a very serious indication of a baby's early birth.

Mild thrombosis, tymbembolia

Of course, severe thrombosis and its risk of developing pulmonary embolism also threaten thrombophilic mammals. This baby can develop genetically without an increased risk of thrombosis, as the risk of developing a baby is increased in pregnancy. The reason for this is the increase in blood coagulation so that the mother does not bleed during birth, and if part of the cushion is removed, the bleeding should be eliminated as soon as possible, says dr. Zsuzsanna Szélessy, hematologist at the Thrombosis and Hematology Center.

Thrombophilia Filters, Blood Clotting, Healthy Baby

Of course, you can give birth to a healthy child with thrombophilia, but you first need to know about the condition. Thrombophilia screening answers and if there are (s) mutations, the hematologist will decide whether or not to prevent LMWH injection, and if so, for how long. (Бltalбban the vйralvadбsgбtlу injekciуra the gyermekбgyi idхszak vйgйig is szьksйg.) In addition, it is important that pregnant women consume elegendх mennyisйgы folyadйkot, move when varicose veins kьzd, apply kompressziуs harisnyбt and йtkezzen egйszsйgesen, large sъlyfelesleg elkerьlйs йrdekйben- these betartбsa szintйn hozzбjбrul the vйrrцgцk are formed for reduction.
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