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Wearing a carnival costume makes you more socially sensitive

Wearing a carnival costume makes you more socially sensitive

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Carnival is not just about the mob. It improves children's imagination, communication skills, and their social relationships.

Princess and Witchcraft was once a favorite of today's moms

Remains of the carnival costume, more than half of the adults would love to wear it at the carnival today, but only one Hungarian would do it. According to their memories, in their childhood, one-third of today's women went to princesses or witches, while boys spent the same proportion on firefighters, police officers, soldiers or cowboys. However, the carnival mask is not only a beautiful childhood memory, but also has a positive psychological impact on the personal development of children.
According to a representative survey of REGIO GAMES, nearly half (44%) of Hungarian adults still remember their childhood carnival costumes. The costume especially meant to babies, 51% of women liked to move in, while 54% of those under the age of 30 liked to remember costume events.
Among the unforgettable costumes, half of the women voted for the costumes of the princess, the genius, the ballerina, the witch, and the animals (kittens, dogs, cats, etc.) that often appear in fairy tales. The men's favorite is the fire-brigade, the police, the soldier, and similar classics, followed by cowboys and animal programmers, but not much behind the pirate. The clowns and the more frightening masquerades (ghost, vampire, hell, etc.) were nonetheless unpopular, with only a handful of voters remembering to wear them as a favorite.

Costume Prescription - Doctors Also Recommend

According to Judit Varga, a clinical pediatric psychologist, the placement developer has an impact on children's imagination, communication skills and the development of their social relationships. "The role is often used for therapeutic purposes. By wearing a costume, children can invigorate their inner desires and freely identify with the characters they wear."
The practitioner also added that it is not necessary to strive for capital adequacy, since some of the accessories that are important to the child are sufficient to identify with a character.

Home Soldier Costume (For DIY Lovers)

Judit Varga also drew attention to the fact that preparing for a carnival is still an important public program in a family life. Although in the past it was more common to make my own costume, which is not typical anymore. However, figuring out a costume, buying it in a jiffy, likewise has a positive effect on the child. And parents don't have to worry about children competing against each other in the same costume (who's the better looking coworker, the better cowboy), as this is a natural phenomenon that can be observed every day.

There are costumes that never go out of fashion

The costumes are not just for children, but the research also found that 56% of adults would still love to dress for a single occasion. At the same time, it is an interesting figure that only 10% of those who actually do this work.
Data from REGIO GAMES is based on a multi-stratified online survey conducted by the NRC Market Survey conducted in January 2015 among 18- to 59-year-olds in the Hungarian population.