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Vaginal discharge: what have I taken again? A home diagnosis is not always correct!

Vaginal discharge: what have I taken again? A home diagnosis is not always correct!

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Whites are immediately aware if something goes wrong - but what's the cause? If the color, smell, or color of the vagina changes, it is possible that some form of infection has been inflicted on the head.

If you have a vaginal discharge, you are most likely to fall for the whole world

What is the total quantity and weight of the vagina, an individual "thing", is certain: by default white, odorless, acidic and always present. With sexual arousal, the amount of hives (which can be used during baby planning) and during pregnancy increases with volume. It also has a function: it moistens, protects from the morbidity, and, incidentally, facilitates sexual intercourse. Quite a question, but it's important to talk about it!

Bacterial infectious or bacterial vaginosis (BV)

  • Nature of the ballads: generous, grayish white, fish-like smell in the midst of sexual intercourse
  • Other symptoms: itchy, old sensation may occur
  • Selected reason: The healthy balance of the vaginal flora is upset, the number of Lactobacilli that provide protection against the goiter is lower, the acidic pH changes, allowing the bacteria that cause the infection to grow
  • When can this occur? There are many things that can lead to a change in the pH of the vagina and a significant reduction in the number of lactic acid bacteria. For example, antibiotic or hormone treatment, irrigation, smoking, diabetes, and frequent partner changes
  • Kezelйs: Acute infections should be treated with antibiotics first, then use vaginal remedies to help restore the natural vaginal flora.
  • When the Trichomonas vaginalis is the goose

  • Nature of the ballads: very sweet, chubby, green
  • Other symptoms: itchy, stinging sensation can exacerbate the symptoms, and if the infection spreads to the urethra, it can be painful to urinate
  • Selected reasons: Trichomonas vaginalis is a sexually transmitted disease
  • Kezelйs: it is definitely a medical task, as only a prescription drug (metronidazole) is available for killing the patient.
  • That french fungus

  • Nature of the ballads: white, dense, newer, and more recent, more milky, not uncommonly unpleasant
  • Other symptoms: terrible itching, growling, tingling sensation
  • Selected reasons: fungal infections are a major contributor to Candida albicans, some herbal remedies for diabetes, diabetes, and a weakened immune system
  • Kezelйs: over-the-counter antifungal supplements are available, but there are times when only prescription drugs are effective. It is also necessary to treat the partner at the same time so as not to re-infect each other
  • Unidentifiable river

  • Nature of the ballads: unlike ordinary, not really above, up to bloody flow
  • Other symptoms: anything strange is not typical
  • Selected reasons: allergy, irritation - condom, irrigation, intimate shower, laundry service, use of a condom containing spermicide, psychological causes, or possibly a sneaky chlamydia infection
  • Kezelйs: the clearing of such cases is in all likelihood trusted by those who order the necessary treatment, and in the case of chlamydia, for example, they all seek antibiotic therapy