Does a kid's drawing really matter? Tamás Vekerdy ​​answers

Does a kid's drawing really matter? Tamás Vekerdy ​​answers

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The developer educator paints a worrying picture of cheating and the state of the child based on a drawing of a toddler. However, according to her mother, there is no problem at home. Is it really worth taking the child to a psychologist? Who's looking good? Tamás Vekerdy ​​answers.

My little one was examined by the development teacher of the kindergarten a couple of weeks ago (there was no particular reason, we all come to kindergarten in kindergarten). When we met to discuss his experiences, he did Karcsi's family drawing. We were all there, but no face or arms. The specialist said this drawing may indicate that my little son feels lonely in the family, and there is no real relationship with the family. These words came to my heart, and I began to search in despair, what could be wrong? We have a harmonious, good little family, of course, with occasional - I think normal - concussions. Let's enjoy our kids' party. My wife also spends all our time with us after work, having a great weekend together, having the common rituals of our everyday life, telling a lot, playing, singing, singing, Цsszessйgйben family life, children are always in the forefront, I do not do "unnecessary circles" in the household, or do most of the work in my sleeping quarters. I feel like we are generally not open to relationships! How faithful can a child's drawing really be to make such a diagnosis based on a drawing? The developer educator also found it problematic that Karcsi "does not draw the circle well". Why, how should you draw? He said that according to the following letters (o, a), given the direction I needed, I would occasionally show him "how to". I still think that you have to write about it yourself, so that you will experience it, and I don't think it would be a problem if you just look at how you round the letter when you learn. Or your parents? Karcsi was not drawn at all in Hungary before the ovit. His sister had almost everything in her mind, much to her age (often still today), so it was not possible for pen-writers to draw for fun only when I lived there, but at that time, I was more likely to write the story, in this for them. Or, if you are into a creative activity, you prefer to paint or plush with paints. We used to make dough, knead bread, and make breadcrumbs at the same time. She started drawing slowly in the ovis in the fall. It was also occasionally when he used to draw a human without arms (but he did draw some regular human figures as well). However, facial features are generally useful. Karcsi will be springy in spring. What do you think about the above? What should we do? Can it really be wrong? Should we turn to a child psychologist?How much fun are kids drawing?

Vekerdy ​​Tamba's choice

Not! (What about child psychology?) Karcsi's childhood - if I read the letter well - was enviable. Toys, fairy tales, songs, booze with paints, dough-making and bread-making - and the fact that children and society are fun for parents, all of this clearly implies that it can be good to be a kid yourself.It is sure that Karchi also has her own unconscious "troubles" - for example, the birth and presence of the little sister, which on the one hand can mean good things to her, however, has only "eluded her from her only child". But this only manifests itself in normal concentricity (and maybe a few light arms out?). You wouldn't dare to draw far-reaching conclusions from a single drawing of a 4-5 year old boy in a test situation! (They may not even be mid-range.) Yes, children's drawings - but drawings in general - can be expressive, verbal, and, with some limitations, diagnostic values. But age - and moment - can have a powerful influence on drawing, and the younger it is, the more it is. Based on your letter, I think there is no cause for concern. I am also convinced that for children 4-5 years old and younger, it is a pain-prodigy to paint, to gain the good, to get good, and of course to knead, knead and knead. Drawing is much earlier - much "dead" - with its own contours. And yes, there is no problem with sanity either, as shown by screwing and mounting. As far as ring art and "lettering" are concerned, this is what I think it really is! In these kinds of things, I wouldn't show my baby "how to" just ask, if you ask. Spontaneous movements correspond to mental and physical values ​​at this age. (And what is it like? This is some kind of natural law? It follows the revival of the human body due to its function? It is not a ruse! And Arabic, and Hebrew, and Cyrillic letters, and Sanskrit, to name a few.) Great colleagues work in development education. Children from an affluent, socially deprived environment often have a great need for one-on-one employment to help them develop and develop their existing abilities. But children of the right milieu are simply evolving, amidst the favorable conditions, and no need for improvement. But development has become fashionable nowadays. In good cases it is superfluous, in worse cases our children are in a neuroticizing fashion.Forms: Tamás Vekerdy: Big Family BookAlso worth reading:
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