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The obsession with three years shortens the life expectancy

The obsession with three years shortens the life expectancy

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In developed countries, 92 million people will die of diseases due to prematurity in the next thirty years, and obesity will shorten life expectancy by three years.

This finding comes from a report by the OECD, which examined the economic impact of demand in a total of 52 countries.
In 34 out of the 36 member countries of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, more than half of the people are overweight, with almost one in four people suffering from morbidity. Between 21 and 2010 in OECD countries, the proportion of adults with orphanedness has risen to 24, representing an additional 50 million people.Three years shortens the life expectancy (photo: iStock) People with dementia have a shorter life expectancy and a greater risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes. The worst thing is in Mexico, where 4.2 years less life expectancy is possible, and 3.9 years life expectancy is shorter in Russia and Poland. the lowest jцvedelmы rйtegben vбlnak greater nхk 90, 50 and the fйrfiak szбzalйkkal valуszнnыsйggel tъlsъlyossб than the highest jцvedelmы tбrsadalmi rйtegben.Azok who suffer from a legalбbb the tъlsъllyal цsszefьggйsbe hozhatу krуnikus betegsйgben 8 szбzalйkkal web link бllбst smaller esйllyel who are you have already бllбsban there are 3.4 percent more currencies at work than average.
Price and demand also affect national economic performance, with OECD forecasting 5.3 in Mexico, 4.4 in the United States, 4.3 in Poland, 3 in Germany and 2.8 in France. Authentication between 2020 and 2050 is as feasible as possible.In OECD countries, health expenditures are now translating to 8.4 percent for the treatment of diseases related to obesity, for some 9,
According to an international organization based in Paris, prevention of dying is costly, but it is payable: every dollar invested in prevention can cost up to six times more.
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