Toxemia can be triggered by exercise and proper nutrition

Toxemia can be triggered by exercise and proper nutrition

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Despite advanced medical science, the so-called pregnancy toxemia is always a serious problem for pregnant women. Do not overlook the opportunity, as maternal deaths are the main cause of this disease!

Toxemia can be triggered by exercise and proper nutrition

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What is Toxemia

The name of the course can be a bit misleading. It refers to the term toxicosis in the mouth, which means pregnancy poisoning. Scientists believe that pregnancy can be trained accumulation of a toxic substance Causes trouble, but so far it has not been proved, no such substance has been found. Unfortunately, toxemia is a disease of unknown origin, which, however, is typically (but not exclusively) linked to other diseases. These include diabetes and insulin resistance, chronic kidney disease, high blood pressure and unfavorable blood circulation. Among its causes are environmental factors, such as inadequate, overly spicy, fatty, vitamin-poor diet and, of course, lack of movement. These are:
- Whitening
- High blood pressure
- In severe cases, seizure, coma

What to do to avoid it?

Unfortunately, toxemia pregnant women with congestive fractures. The good thing, though, is that with regular medical attention, which is recommended during pregnancy, filterable and manageable, thus minimizing the serious consequences for the mother or the fetus.Dr. Angelo Giza also explained that the opportunities here are not over. It is important to emphasize that malnutrition is not a disease; Of course, the strain is not good either, you have to find the golden mean here. For pregnant women a mozgбs just as important as any of us in life. In fact, you can move your blood pressure. Muscle work also has a good effect on the elasticity of the blood vessels. healthy eating. For the body, pregnancy is a very serious challenge. Carrying out another life, feeding it, and ensuring its development puts a burden on women's bodies that they do not really have to deal with at other times, which means that the body often struggles to cope with it. Fortunately, with the right nutrients, vitamins and trace elements, we can help ourselves to be better off during this time period. At the same time, we also need to keep in mind what kind of medication we are taking. It is important to contain well absorbed substances, otherwise you should only swallow the tablet, and no substantial help can be expected. Substances that are present in organic binder forms (citrates, gluconates, etc.) are substantially better in terms of absorption, up to 80% better utilization of their inorganic binder counterparts.The reason is simple: like their organic counterparts, under laboratory conditions. However, in the case of absorption of certain substances, other excipients are required which are naturally present in organic form. You may want to look for this form in the comments (Source: ratkotunde.hu)
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