Yen Ranschburg 5 important tips for parents

Yen Ranschburg 5 important tips for parents

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Developmental and pediatric lectures were his main research areas. In his lectures and books with parents on children, she wrote, wisely, many times in lyricism.

Yen Ranschburg 5 important tips for parents

In the beginning of her father she gave child-rearing advice in her books and lectures, which is perhaps unambiguous to the present day, but at that time the reverence of the child, or the aggressiveness of the child, was not at all matched by the spirit of the age.

1, Don't let the baby cry but pick it up!

When Jen Ranschburg formulated this advice (or rather, the principle of parenting), they thought of the baby entirely: the urine was hysterical, blackmailed, and the immediate reaction of the parents. Today, many people know how right the psychologist said it is: babies are born to the world, and it is only up to us to be inquisitive, inquisitive about the world.

2, Accept your child as he is

Curriculum vectors and very useful guide even today. It does not have to be the kind of child that we want to be, nor the fulfillment of the parents' desires. Let's just be yourself, get to know him, love him just because he is there. That's why he'll love himself and have his confidence.

3, Not the talented kid who excels at school

Talent is not equal to good performance at school, says the psychologist. A wealthy child brings something, something extra, not what the parent thinks. Many parents want their child to be talented at something, but they forget that a really talented child is out of his or her life, and his life is full of hardships and obstacles. Often he is the problem child who is out of line. But this is nothing short of good study results. You should help a talented child by giving him or her the opportunity to fly.

4, Shut up always with the kid, but if you have to let it go!

You should not delay the pursuit of self-aggrandizement, if the child begins to fall for the letter, it must be allowed, even if it is very difficult for the parent to do so. But you have to be there and let him know that you can come back at any time.

5, you need to be normal!

Rules are needed, but we also need to break them. An overly normative child is not too shy, not creative enough. An integral part of personality development is for the child to challenge the parent's rules and to push the limits. Be patient and allow yourself to break the rules.
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