A revolutionary Hungarian designer implant helped the twins

A revolutionary Hungarian designer implant helped the twins

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The surgical intervention of the head-to-head Siamese twins was successfully completed to such an extent that they had already left the clinic. A special implanted Hungarian implant was implanted.

Revolutionary Hungarian designer implant assisted by twins (AFP PHOTO / Munir Uz Zaman)Two and a half Rabia йs Rukia successfully performed on the procedure: the implantation of the special Hungarian-designed tissue implant system dr. Gergely Pataki plastic wound, the Action is based on the Director of the Served Charter. The show took place on January 25 at Semmelweis University. The twins are jуl йs you have already elhagyhattбk the klinikбt.Rabia йs Rukia szьleikkel йrkeztek azйrt Magyarorszбgra to the szьksйges vйgleges koponyaszйtvбlasztу operбciуhoz diagnostic йs elхkйszнtх vizsgбlatok and speciбlis plastic sebйszeti mыtйt megtцrtйnhessen klinikбin Semmelweis University, the Human Erхforrбsok Minisztйriuma tбmogatбsa mellett.A mыtйt During the weeks before, he went to the university for general pediatric, anesthetic, laboratory and radiological, and infectological examinations. The recent special plastic surgery operation was the second phase of a series of surgical bangs on the head of a Bangladeshi Siamese twin, which is yours. Expander Implants Implants Placement. Further pre-selection examinations and interventions in Budapest in the coming weeks, months and months, with ongoing evaluation of the results, will be conducted in a specialized medical field. Phase One of the Separated Surgery Series - Scientifically Separating the Main Stages of the Brain Vocabulary - Inside the Wall - Ended in 2018 dr. Hudb Istvn, the Action with the Head of the Served Foundation Foundation in Bangladesh.
  • The selection of the Siamese twins continues with us
  • Only Hungarian doctors engaged in the selection of Siamese twins
  • Another operation was performed by Hungarian doctors on the Sibiu twins