Marcsi's Diary - Kispapa 10What to Hurry?

Marcsi's Diary - Kispapa 10What to Hurry?

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My wife is a mentalist! Or, at least, he has very strong suggestion abilities, especially in the field of dates. You can convince any man that any event is not when he is, but when he says it!

Thanks to this magical ability, the birthday of Borsika's ovis girlfriend, who succeeded me last year, would arrive a full week earlier than the date on the invitation. And a few years ago, we wanted to visit a fantastic amusement park during the winter break. And his latest attraction was that he believed everyone would be born on the first day of next month. But not only with me, but also with the midwife, who held the "book" in which the doctor readily marked the 5th day of the month as the expected date of birth.
Well, of course, as these date shifts didn't come in the past, neither now nor did my son want to be born on the first day of the month. In fact, not even on the fifth. But, unfortunately, I can't say that this time was a reward.
When a man's wife is "all-pregnant", he or she does not engage in lengthy programs. Because of this, we missed a couple of leisure programs in the past weeks, did not accept invitations, and did not organize large parties with many children. But it still leaves me! I am disgusted with my workplace, too, because for two weeks now, I have been excusing myself from longer discussions that "my wife is pregnant at all, I have to hurry home." According to my boss, all "tolerable eagles" are out of this "every urn".
We look a lot like my wife. After the fortieth week was almost over, we began urging the birth in a natural way. Now, I wake up to let everyone know which of the two lightweight exercises we used to give us the recommended dose of oxytocin each morning, but that just made our day go better, not baby!
So we had a lot of time that we didn't really know what to do with, because a larger volume program couldn't work. But a bit of kinship included, so we saved for the babies who were just baby, and on this occasion we had a day of grievances about her birth. I mean, we men, the little ones. But somehow we didn't find any ripped ears. However, we both insisted that our birth was very exhausting for us, and we had to watch the fire. Even if we have to do responsible tasks such as holding a gym ball so that you do not fall out of your mommy's or jerky chat to distract you from your shoes. But the present-day mother-in-law insisted that they were the only ones that I was reluctant to contend with: "We haven't slept properly for weeks, because you snore like that!" Well, at that point I had to get under the table in front of flying slippers…
But we haven't run out of air. For example, there is the birth itself, the procrastination, which is not really a matter of weight. He likened it directly to the most naturalistic scenes in the Emergency Series that were happening there. I add that these scenes turn away even in the midst of retirement, but here you not only have to watch it, but you also have to watch it. Let's not even talk about what kind of furniture it takes to get a bloody-honey-crying newbie. So, with that kind of chill, we trained ourselves for our next room-room adventure with my brother, with dense and frumpy moms, when ... nothing happened at the same time. It's just been a day.
When I write these lines, we write the eighth day of the month. So, I have a lot of new experiences that I would love to have, but my wife is all over pregnant so I have to hurry up. Sorry!