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Baby Development - The 8th Month

Baby Development - The 8th Month

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In the day of discovery, parents need to think a lot over and over again from catering to safety.

The eighth month of curiosity in the life of babies, day by day, because of their increasingly voluptuous movement, and the fact that their environment harbors so much excitement to discover. Their muscles can become so strong at this point that up to a position we can also lift ourselves up, say, by holding onto a chair - this will come in the next few weeks clinging to furniture, we walk around the apartment.Many Babies Are Sleeping or Running 8 Months ago (Photo: iStock) It might be worthwhile to check again this month to see if the rooms are completely safe from their point of view - for example, they can't hold onto themselves. This month there are many babies who are well, but you don't have to worry if ours haven't reached the time limit - many people will only start waking up sometime during the next two months.

Tweaks, drums

It is important that babies begin to establish new relationships between their senses and their ability to move; The gambling is also increasingly sophisticated: they can roll balls into bigger, bigger cubes (of course a Demolition of towers is still more typical during this period, and important from the developmental point of view, as they can learn about control and causation through this). You can also pinch smaller objects and then direct them directly over your mouth, so now you have to look more closely at choking toys - especially if you have a good cheat.
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Very they learn a lot from repetition: We find it fascinating, for example, if we pick up something again and again that they have thrown or shot, so we can prepare for it, more like.


Babies always sleep a lot during the eighth month, averaging 13-14 hours a day, including some waking hours and dormancy, which can be shortened. Anesthetically, since they have a sense of objectivity in their already-formed brain, we can expect them to cry many times when trying to bust out. However, fogzбs, Нgy attention will be possible to fбjdalomcsillapнtбsra йs szбjhigiйniбra also fordнtani, kцzelнteni йs mйg tцbb gyengйdsйggel the babбkhoz, as well szokбsosnбl be йrzйkenyebbek ilyenkor.Noha milk or tбpszer mйg rйsze always at this time of menьjьknek, more tцbb everything you have already eaten, йs йrdemes can be like that falatkбkat and give them something they can pinch themselves and eat safely - like bananas, peaches, or shorter types of pasta, all looking at their size in the throat - that can't stick to their throats. Since babies can still be easily watched with the utmost attention, be sure to be up to date every minute. Your sense of humor is getting better and better, so don't be surprised if certain foods are overwhelmingly welcomed, even if you are refusing to do something (like what you were enthusiastic about earlier).

As if to say it already

The babbling of the little ones this month is often translated into meaningful words and passages - and, in parallel, they begin to comprehend simpler words and queries, with their own names in the word. The first signs of empathy may appear to them: if, for example, they see another baby crying, it may be easy for them to be satisfied themselves. хket. Reading, singing, singing whenever and wherever you want is worth reading to them because they can learn a lot about the language and its rhythm. A couple of minutes of mobilization, fire, and cartooning can take place (and if you have a bigger sibling, it is very much inevitable) - but for a long time, do not look much more agile until about two years of age.You may also be interested in these articles: