5 typical sources of discussion for all parents

5 typical sources of discussion for all parents

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Enhanced emotions and insomnia often make us mothers and women, and tension is inevitably brought down in our couple.

5 typical sources of discussion for all parents

1. "All tasks are up to me."

The problem: Occasionally, in the initial period, parents compete for who has accomplished many tasks. Who replaced the baby pelvis several times? Who's more sleepless? Who deserves a free evening?The solution: One of the most important things in a relationship is mutual recognition And thank you. Let's try to put our lives into words with our couple's puns, for example, "thank you for washing me tonight, dear." All the help, the help we need to understand, and if you feel that others are not taking their share of the task, we will lightly explain it instead of reproach.

2. "According to my principles, raise your child and make it."

The problem: Breastfeeding or Nutritional Nutrition? Gentlemen or Liberal Education? Both of you were raised in a family that followed different principles, so it is only natural that you have different ideas about parenting in some queries.The solution: It is not the goal of any parent to take away the truth, but to create the best possible conditions for your child. Kцzцsen. When you started dating, you had to accept that you were not the same, one of the co-workers might be introverted, whereas the other is more of an extrovert type. Now to accept your other parenting ideas and find the common denominator. Think of a teamand the child's best interests are given priority. This will help you not to find out who is right, but to find a solution for what is best for your child.

3. "Now my mother is in line to take care of the baby."

The problem: Because women are breastfeeding and have a myriad of tasks to do with their baby, they generally need more help from grandparents, while men may call them less often. It can also be understood that mothers have a more relaxed heart about their mother than their mother, but dads may resent it.The solution: Let's be honest with each other and talk openly about the problem. Often, one of the parents' members is very concerned with the grandparents (either the parents or the parents of the couple) because they feel that they have a better relationship with the child than they do. Almost everyone has some annoyances with their parents, but the child should not drink the letter. Let's not go into a special grandparent relationship because very important and unbearable relationship there are you. Let's try to find a compromise that is good for everyone.

4. "Couldn't the baby sleep in the room?"

The problem: It is only natural that during the first couple of weeks after birth, when we are breast feeding 2-3 ounces, it is most comfortable for us to sleep with the baby. However, our couple's lamentation is that neither of them can rest properly.The solution: In addition to trying fatigue through healthy eating, consuming enough fluids, and extra daily rest, it is also important to tell our friends what they need to do. He'll understand we can be sure of that.

5. "And what about me?"

The problem: It is a common problem that with tiny arrival, daddy busts himself, because all the mother's attention is directed at the newborn. In this case, our couple repeatedly tell us that we are barely dealing with it. And we all know you're right.The solution: It is true that everything will change with the birth of a baby, but it is not uncommon for everything to revolve around the little one in 100 percent. Of course, she's the first, but it's also very important that we stay with each other for a while. Let's go out to dinner alone so that Again, it only looked and manly (not mother and father) let's enjoy each other's company. It is imperative that you do this once or twice a month. We will find that everyone will only profit from it, as well as our child, because he or she is happy if his or her parents are happy.More articles on parenting:
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