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At the age of seven, young people have a difficult time moving home

At the age of seven, young people have a difficult time moving home

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The survey was looking at how young people are getting help from their families to get started in life.

The SOS Children's Villages Online Questionnaire was filled by 573 adults who have moved out of their home for the past 10 years - in three young people are in trouble when they are at home (photo: iStock) The felmйrйsbхl kiderьl that megkйrdezettek felйt tбmogatta the csalбdja, mйgis all цtцdik young ъgy йrzi not received elegendх йrzelmi йs material tбmogatбst йs segнtsйget the hйtkцznapok szembesьlt feladataiban.A young kйtharmada kьlцnbцzх problйmбkkal miutбn цnбllу to: the egyszerы hбztartбsi teendхktхl the ьgyintйzйsig. About one-third of migrating young people have had a difficult time separating from their parents, disappointing. With weekly problems like laundry, cleaning, every third answer is looking for the family. (59.4%), helped to tidy up the new apartment (37.9%), and got a flat in the middle. Most of them were expecting emotional and financial help from their parents, and to help them lead the day-to-day life. " who they call, no where to go home, if they fail, they have one chance, they can't make a mistake. That's why it's important for these kids to have more programs that have support, opportunities, and better protection Lina, SOS Professional Leader.The SOS Young People Leaving Care - Quick Training Program provides training for all child protection professionals to equip young people for a lifetime of fitness. They have created an online community space where not only young people can discuss their problems and experiences with each other in a secure environment, but they are also helped by experts and dedicated mentors who can provide them with a high-quality, labor-market-, legal-. "We can't waste our family, but we try to give them more grip so they don't get lost when they get away."
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