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Smart: New Nutrition Suggestion for Kids

Smart: New Nutrition Suggestion for Kids

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After the adult population, the Hungarian Dietetics Association issued a new Hungarian nutrition recommendation for the age group of 6-17 years.

Smart: New Nutrition Suggestion for Kids

Another year, following a dietary suggestion to the domestic adult population, the child was also developed by the Hungarian Dietetic Association (MDOSZ). In the Kid's Smartbook and Approach, you should determine how much you need to achieve a balanced diet every day, taking into account the most recent scientific results.Because in terms of daily energy requirements, it is adapted to adults this age group is much less uniformIn this case, the determination of different doses and amounts has been given a very prominent role. From now on, any careful mom or youngster can figure out how much to pack on the sideboard or in the snack box, as the professional body has come up with an energy calculator and a guide for your child. Can I control what he eats all day when he goes out in the morning and goes home in the evening? In many parents, these anxious questions arise, and it only exacerbates the uncertainty that there is often a lack of knowledge about how to properly adjust the child's age to age. It is also complicated by the fact that children differ significantly in their physical and mental development from a small school to an adolescent, for example.

What's smart with OKOSTБNYЙR®?

MDOSZ has also maintained the Adult Disclosure Form for the Adult Childrens' Board. The practitioners were guided by the practicalities of replacing the previous pyramid or pyramid houses with a clearly connected trig the correct proportion of certain food groupsso hopefully you will feel lighter. They also specialize in nutritional advice and switch to nutrient-based recommendations and food. After all, in our daily lives we do not consume white, fat or carbohydrates, but meat, milk, bread, vegetables and fruits, the recommendation is that they are calculated on a daily basis.What is the difference between a kid and an adult SMOOTH®? The basic difference lies in the fact that the daily energy and nutrient requirements of the 6-17 age group are very diverse. It's easy to realize that a six-year-old has a calorie diet as much as a teenager. No matter what the gender of the child is, we are not talking about physical activity and other factors at the time. Adults and children have the same proportions of daily meals; much of our diet should be made up of greens and fruits, the other half of which are cereals: for example, bread, pastry, pasta, eggs, fish, eggs. The difference is primarily in the quantities of food recommended for consumption. He was pursuing an average, moderately active lifestyle adult women 2000, one Men need 2500 kcal of energy per day.Of course, the individual factors (eg, age, physical activity, etc.) are functionally different. Children's energy requirements vary greatly by age, gender, weight and activity, and vary between 1300 and 3300 kcal per day during school. To this end, a professional energy calculator and dosing guidelines for children have been developed.

But how much is that?

The specialty of the dosing guide is to show how much the recommended portions of each food item are for children with their favorite utility items. CD, cell phone, notepad, highlighter darts indicate how much a serving of peppers, mixed greens, bread, a mark of di and rice or just french fries. Thus, it is easier for children to interpret what they should do for that particular "smartphone".The US Dietetic Orszбgos Szцvetsйge цsszeбllнtott OKOSTБNYЙR® posts by these people was made by the Hungarian Tudomбnyos Akadйmia Йlelmiszertudomбnyi Tudomбnyos Bizottsбga йs the Orszбgos Gyуgyszerйszeti йs Йlelmezйs-egйszsйgьgyi Intйzet (OGYЙI) ajбnlбsбval kцzzй.A felnхtteknek йs the children szуlу ajбnlбs also elйrhetх the MDOSZ honlapjбn.
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