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That's how much extra life is used to shorten our lives

That's how much extra life is used to shorten our lives

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Nearly two-thirds of the adult Hungarian population is overweight or demented, making Hungary the fourth most populous country in the world in 2018. Not only do extra kilos cause aesthetic problems, they can also lead to many diseases.

That's how much extra life is used to shorten our livesAccording to studies related to obesity, those who are overweight have it It can shorten your life by 3-10 yearsand the number of years a patient has spent on the sick person can reach as high as 25, he said. Dr. Champion Йva, an obesity specialist at Duna Medical Center.

Let us have realistic expectations!

Normal weight loss depends on the magnitude of the weight, half a week a week. According to the expert, it is not possible to highlight in advance, diets, weight loss procedures that require getting rid of up to 5-10 pounds in a matter of two weeks are ineffective or present a serious health risk. In addition, if the expected result is missed, the chance of failure will be much greater for us to return to our former way of life and thus return to the extra kilos. Champion Йva, a specialist in the field, emphasized that if weight loss is not only aesthetic, it is also recommended for health reasons, it is essential that your diet and diet be tailored and designed over a long period of time. This is to prevent us from taking back what we have given away, and not to further damage our health, as the underlying disease can be aggravated. The goal is to have long-lasting weight loss, avoiding adverse side effects, such as the development of a good effect. If you get personalized information from a specialist, with regular support and motivation, everyone can become a remedy for their bodies.

95% improvement in quality of life

When deciding to drop a few kilos, it is also worth keeping in mind that we do a lot of health besides the smaller size of clothes. Studies on obesity show that, overall, 95% of patients' overall quality of life improves after losing weight, and this largely contributes to the health condition that can be associated with the condition. Many do not know, but not only can the extra kilos cause cardiovascular and blood pressure problems, but also sleep problems when a few kilos come up. When we lose weight, we can improve our sugar levels and our asthma and migraine. In addition, our business and urinary incontinence illnesses can become more serious, as weight loss results in a loss of pressure on our organs and our businesses.

What can you expect from an obesity treatment?

In case of 10% weight loss:
    • Blood pressure reduction of 10-20 mmHg
    • Lower cholesterol by 10-15%
    • Decreased triglyceride level by 30%
    • 50% reduction in glucose levels
    • Diabetes Rehabilitation into Priabetes Test (Prevention of Diabetes)
    • Normalization of priabetes
    • 40% less obesity-dependent cancers
    • 30% less diabetic deaths
    • Decrease assembly by 20%
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