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Do you know how to love us?

Do you know how to love us?

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From an adult point of view, it is clear that you love your child, because how much hard work he has for him! However, the child may not experience our direct love: he does not understand that we are working for him or that he is giving up our football game ...

Tell her you love her

Notice the voice we speak to it every few days, how we talk about it, how often we are told something, how often we express our dislike in the most different ways. We look into our eyes every time we talk, we smile at them often, we laugh together at times, we often dance, we run around, we play with it. It is important to take into account your physical, mental, spiritual needs, and to meet your needs - you do not have to satisfy them all, but let us know that we can. Let's just accept it, respect your personality! Let's devote some time to it when we are just the year. At least we need to be present for important things, even if they seem insignificant. In our relationship we can experience difficult times: the birth of a little brother, financial problems at work, and chronic illness. No wonder you are trying to attract attention with malice or test your love. During this transitional period find some awesome touchpoints: Sunday morning goodbye, evening tale, talking in the promenade, singing.

Not just in infancy…

It is natural for us to love our baby, and for a mother, her own baby is the cutest, most precious. Notice how our relationship develops. The csecsemхtхl vбrunk not make any teljesнtmйnyt, minйl gyengйbb, minйl kiszolgбltatottabb, annбl inkбbb kifejezzьk szбmбra szeretetьnket, gondoskodбsunkat.Legkйsхbb цsszehasonlнthatjuk everyday jбtszуtйrlбtogatбsok sorбn szembesьlьnk anyatбrsaink bьszkйlkedйseivel and szemйlyesen also sajбt gyerekьnk fejlхdйsйt mбs hasonlу korъakйval. What are we doing? Do you mind if ours still don't talk as much, move around as smoothly, and keep the room clean as our familiar little kid? Or is it a matter of pride if you come to these areas? Why the hell? Is the power of our young child the mark of our motherhood? The first step in mother-to-child competition is the first step in leading a performance-oriented world. Elхbb-utуbb we will be angry with our child if he does not produce properlyand it puts us in an awkward position. Let's not fall into this trap! We also love our bigger puppy as well as our newborn. As it is. Together with faults, imperfections. Let us express our love in a way that can be felt. Every day, praise, hug, love. You may not really be so smart, clever, talented, but we do not like the results and the extraordinary abilities we have, but we just need to reward ourselves with it.

I do not love you!

Naturally, it is bad for a parent to hear it from a young child and not to be offended. Let's first think about what he said. Did he just not like being banned? Let's stay consistent and briefly explain what we love about him, and just not allow a whole lot of dangerous things to happen. The situation is more difficult if your statement is repeated often and it is clear from other signs that he prefers one of his parents. Don't attach too much importance to this, it's common for boys and girls to come to their mother because their father is rarely seen. Others, on the contrary, immediately cuddle with their father when they return home. It is only temporary, even if it lasts for a long time. There is usually no more serious reason or consequence, provided that our behavior does not worsen the situation. Your beloved parent should always have love with his / her couple before the baby. If the little bastard is attracted to him, bring three of them down side by side. Let's not play the little baby's feelings on the other parent's behalf, let's praise him, "we can have a nice relationship with our mother," he said. love it together, you do not have to choose, because it is only our habits, our work, which we are dealing with.