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How do we survive?

How do we survive?

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Adults usually avoid quarreling before a child, but a blood-thirsty ring can support the family's goats. But babies can keep up with the fierce emotions inside! Sometimes, too, we give the baby a much more passionate mind.


After we finish our noise, change the tone. Humor overrides grievances. When a small child sees his parents laughing, tickling each other, chasing or hugging each other, he or she calms down. Better yet, do some trivia with words: Okay, sorry I'm so small… you are!


We dare to engage our senses before the child. If we quarreled before, we shouldn't be shy. A nicely designed table, festive dinner, clinking, flower, apology, trivia is an example of doing the wrong thing, but let's go and do it. The small child learns to make mistakes, but there is a chance to start again.


It is not always possible to solve critical situations in one fell swoop. Some problems end up with the family. Let's put an end to the quarrel over the kid's ears: - Yeah, we'll talk about that later. Now, let's get back to the weekly round. In this case, a community walk (changing activities), exercise, garden work, or any activity that we can do in concert can do. The little child will experience the difficulty of living with the hardships so that the world does not fall apart.

How do we resolve conflicts?

What if we quarreled with him? In this case too, it is important to resolve the bad mood and to close the debate. After having calmed down a bit, let's just sum it up in a relaxed tone, what happened:
"I don't like it when ... I'm annoyed that ... I'm scared ..."
In addition, let's make sure that we are calm down and come forward with some ideas that will help us in critical situations:
"I hope you are closest… We'll start tomorrow ... We don't want to argue all the time ..."
Let's finally provide love, welcome, run a race, and cook our favorite dinner together.
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