About upper respiratory infections

About upper respiratory infections

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Various pathogens are easily accessed and multiplied in the upper respiratory tract, which is not surprising when it comes to the function of the mucous membranes of the mucous membrane of the nose to purify and purify the air.

Diseases that return to childhood and cause a lot of discomfort most often affect the respiratory tract. The symptoms of these diseases are very similar in many respects, but their course, course and outcome may be very different. Surely you have heard many times from your pediatrician's diagnosis that the little ones have the virus, the flu.In the meantime, doctors are treating a mostly banal, common virus inflammation of the upper and lower respiratory tract in good cases, it will heal within two to two weeks. However, there can be an extremely wide variety of disorders in the history of the disease, not just the virus, which causes the same symptoms at the outset of the disease. Which are the most common?


Here's the ntha that you have most often rhinovarius and coronavrrus ("nbtha-viruses"). These infections are the main focal point of their choice for the nasal cavity, but they can also cause mild inflammation in the throat. Unfortunately, many of the two "subspecies" of this breed, in medical language, have many serotypes, which means that even though one becomes ill and that one develops a specific immunity, upper respiratory tract diseases are characterized by large numbers. In one of the encounters with one of these, the immune system develops so-called "memory cells", which store information about that particular disease.If you come on. This is the case, for example, with infectious pediatric diseases, which can only be obtained once in our lives. But the pathologies of the pathways are much more varied, that is, for example, in a pediatric population where the same pathogen carries the most serotype of the child, and it is often the case that one is transmitted to the child and then to the child.

What does it mean to have a cold?

Colds are still not a disease, but the immune system of a cooled body seems to be less defenseless against cold-blooded viruses in the early spring. Most of the time, we get away with it for a little while, but the problem can be more serious. The next stage of the passageways is the throat, more precisely the throat. There are many tiny lymphoid organs here, not just the tonsils. In a simple case, inflammation develops only on the back wall of the pharynx, which is indicated by a sensation of the pharynx in the throat, resulting in lower fever, poor joint condition. adenovнrus This is a disease that mainly pops in a closed childrens pool, or perhaps swims in a swimming pool. Its inflammation can also be expected spontaneously.

Flu is usually associated with flu

The situation is more difficult in young children, especially those with larger adenoids. Inflammation of the adenoid can be more serious, in part because it is mostly reversible, partly due to the position of the lymphatic system. Because it is located on the back of the pharynx, where the medulla leading to the pharynx is swollen and the Inflammation can also spread to the center. Unfortunately, central inflammation is also a common cause of upper-respiratory illness in infancy. most common occurrence.The reason is that the toddler is still unable to cook nasal passages, and may not use nasal drops as well, and so the anatomically shorter, longer ear cancers. Therefore, in childhood, every child, throat inflammation, and other cataract is the first thing to pay attention to parents, is teaching the nose or, if this is not possible, the nose and nose are bigger.This problem may also be due to another cause, inflammation of the nasal passages. In toddlers, they are still much less developed than smaller ones, so this pattern is more likely to arise in older children. Difficult healing, often requiring the intervention of an ear-nose specialist, which is usually with fever, casualties and a very strong headache The site of pain is often reduced or increased by changing the two sides of the face or the forehead and the posture. Purulent runny nose is mostly visible, but often not as pronounced as a week. Inflammation of the nasal cavities in toddlerhood may manifest itself severely when it is self. purulent inflammation of ethmoid cells. This causes characteristic swelling and redness in the inner corners of the eye and requires immediate medical attention. In these cases, there is always a bacterial over-infection in the heart. The throat also contains pharyngeal tonsils, the inflammation of which is in most cases bacterial or viral. THE purulent tonsillitis mostly with high fever, fallen condition, unpleasant smell of the mouth, small children can often have vomiting and abdominal pain, which can lead to small to large-scale discharge. The tonsils are swollen, inflamed, and have a blistering blister on the face.When our GP says that the child has some type of virus, he thinks about the 20 most common viruses and his many subspecies. In such cases, antibiotics are usually not recommended at the first visit. However, it should be borne in mind that unfortunately not a few percent of these viral infections are results of bacterial superinfection. These include otitis media, pneumonia, and facial inflammation. In such cases, antibiotic therapy is absolutely necessary.

What, however, leads to the development of events?

Simply put, there are three main reasons for this. One is to prevent the body's own specific defense, and even to prevent it (e.g. lack of bed rest, no necessary medication, the above mentioned nasal drops, nasal congestion), or recurring risk of infection in a much worse immune condition (for example, returning to the community before full healing, many people visiting the little patient, even if they are ill, etc.). And, of course, there is a factor beyond our control, the disease itself, its characteristics, its aggressiveness. For example, it does not matter what environment it comes from. In most cases, a common bacterial strain or virus in a nursery school causes a mild to moderate infection. In contrast, ъn. kуrhбzi tцrzsek that ellenбllnak antibiotics used fertхtlenнtйsei eljбrбsoknak, unfortunately, it is much harder gyуgyнthatуk, йs sъlyosabb betegsйget okoznak.Ezйrt is that tartуsan fekvх kуrhбzban children are tйve these fertхzх бgenseknek, йs bбr meggyуgyultak abbуl the betegsйgbхl, putting the kуrhбzba they have been included, but they have received another among them.Finally, there is some similarity between the flu and other viral diseases and illnesses.In the childhood "classical" influenzavнrus in addition, there are several pathogens that cause virtually identical influenza-like illness. Usually this is much more common. Influenza virus also has many forms, and we have a very variable pathogen that changes its specific characteristics from time to time, so it is possible to catch it at a good time.In general, influenza can be said to have more varied symptoms than infected viral infections, although the leading symptoms are respiratory. Mostly with cold sores, muscle aches, high fever, which is very difficult to relieve in the first 1-2 days, and with a bad state of mind. (New 2011 Recommendation: Physical Fever Cushioning Suffers Children, So Not Really Recommended - Ed.). Generally, it is acceptable that the body temperature can not go below 37.5 - 38 degrees during the first two days. but they may miss you. Many times the gastrointestinal tract becomes ill. Vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, abdominal pain may occur. The patient is fallen, tired, has a headache, often avoids strong light, may have a double heart, often has dry, hoarse cough. This cough can be very persistent, often lasts for weeks, and can often interfere with the patient's sleep during the night. kцhцgйscsillapнtуk And today, there are many prescriptions available without the use of prescription drugs. It is important to know that the suppression of cough in itself is only effective in certain cases (eg when the patient is disturbed at night). Alternatively, solicitors, capsules may be suggested, as our goal is to eliminate the inflammatory lesions and prevent this disease from spreading to the lower respiratory tract. kцptetхk it requires some care. There are some that cannot be combined with certain flame retardants, but only with a small amount of it because they weaken each other's effectiveness. There are relatively large differences in people's individual senses. Some people may provoke severe constipation at the same dose, which is otherwise beneficial. To avoid this, it is advisable to take a customized dose and to ensure that you are at night, it is recommended that you take the last dose in the daily dose of Generally it can take up to two weeks but what does "full" recovery mean, since every practicing parent knows the state when the child has already disassembled the house, it was so good to go home for two days. I know, unfortunately, this time is not conducive to illness, it does not give adults or children enough time to stay at home, to completely heal. it takes a week. It is true that the cells of the mucous membrane of the aphids are characteristic, Arr. glial cells. These tiny tiny stars help to move the pollutants in the inhaled air through their movement, eliminating the germs as well. In just one inflammatory disease, millions of these cells are killed and incapable of carrying out their physiological functions. As long as these cells, or a significant part of them, are not regenerated, our body is less protected against new pathogens. In fact, the much-mentioned period of toasting serves this complete regeneration. In any case, one thing is certain. As it is first warmer spring sunbeams appearand ceases to be damp, windy, so do catarrhal diseases, runny nose and cough cure, sore throat, and all of us can still have a healthy skin.Related articles:
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