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How can I recognize the Nbtha event?

How can I recognize the Nbtha event?

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Upper respiratory tract inflammations - such as inflammation of the throat, pharyngitis, tonsillitis - are often also affected by nasal congestion. What are the symptoms that warn you that we are not just dealing with a "simple woman"?

How can I recognize the Nbtha event?

It starts with symptoms

If the nasal passages of the thoracic cavity become blocked due to inflammation of the nasal cavity due to nerve inflammation or swelling of the mucous membrane of the mucosa, the ventilation of the stomach is impaired. As a result, the bacteria cannot get out and bacteria multiply in the inflamed stomach - explaining the causes of the problem in detail dr. Monika Augusztinovicz Füll-nose-tip, doctor of the Füll-nose-tip Center. Gradually, pus develops in the abdominal cavity, followed by pain due to tension. Inflammation develops more easily when there is an anatomical abnormality in the nose that obstructs the ventilation, such as rhinitis.

Signs of inflammation

Initially, chest inflammation may be symptomatic. Symptoms of the retina are predominant and tense, with the head moving forward and possibly impulsive, the forehead, radiating over the eyes, with a watery, purulent nose.

How to handle it?

In addition to examining the ear-nose scan, well-designed procedures (x-ray, CT,) also help to identify the underlying causes of the symptoms. The most important part of the treatment is the release of the adrenal glands, the restoration of the ventilation of the old cavity, the nasal swelling of the swollen nasal passages. Anesthetic, analgesic, antipyretic, antitussive, antibiotic may be added. Regular brine rinsing is important.

You can go to events

With untreated or improperly treated acute pleural inflammation, the process can be gradual and unnoticeable over time. Polyps can develop, which eventually develops a nasal obstruction. It pointed to the ever бllandуsult fennбllу mellйkьreg gyulladбs kцvetkeztйben hopper felй cause hбtracsorgу vбladйkozбs tartуs kцhцgйst, hцrghurutot, asztmбban increases tьneteket.Az nose mellйkьregek gyulladбsбnak mбsik important szцvхdmйnyi group if the gyulladбs tъllйp the ьreg falбn, йs бtterjed the szomszйdos bodies szцvetekre it can also cause meningitis, cerebral palsy, or inflammation of the eyelids.
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