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Familypark on the shores of Lake Fertk

Familypark on the shores of Lake Fertk

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Together with the other Fertoo Tau features, you can set it up for a long weekend.

In my old age, I took the children to Familypark, Austria's largest leisure park, on the Austrian side of the Fertkau. The site contains detailed information about shipping, pricing, programs and availability.
Rosie really liked the park and could play all the games at six. The big ones (14 and 16 years old) enjoyed fewer, rather than just Rozi lovers. All the little kids had some games in the park that they could hang out with and their parents. It's a good time to visit here in good time, because there are many pitfalls waiting for the little ones. We spent a whole day exploring the place and we were not bored for a minute. Admission is free until the age of three, but afterwards it is 18 euros per head. I've seen diapers at every washbasin, and the bowls can be left in key storage so that the family can play with the toys. The biggest problem for me was Route Planning. I did not find the short route up there, which on the Hungarian side is marked with a plaque "Pneuropean memorial" in Fertürrkos, and on the Austrian side with a Freizeit Zentrum plaque in Margitbánya. I felt as if I was a victim of a conspiracy. Looking at the smiling faces of the children, this inconvenience seemed only minor by the end of the day.
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