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Chickenpox: We are now dealing with parental beliefs

Chickenpox: We are now dealing with parental beliefs

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The number of people infected has increased year by year: in the first quarter of this year, there were as many as 13,000 cases of varicella. Although the high number of cases in the media drops a lot of sick people, there are still more fathers to consider.


"Pancreatic Nettle is Better Folded" - This is one of the myths that stubbornly stays in the minds of most parents. "I, too, was a potty, and I'm fine," he says often. However, it is not the case that 3% of patients with varicella are hospitalized, and that some cases are fatal. At a cheese event organized due to the misconceptions about the disease, a specialist and concerned moms-in-law, among others Rick Farkashzzi and Nourga Errdg, helped discuss the issue.

The most common events

It's the press Dr. Kirбly Balzzs the pediatrician has summarized the most important information regarding infectious disease. As you said, to the tetanus 14 days latency, and around 9-10 days. Very unpleasant symptoms (itching, fever). Many people are overwhelmed, the possible events are almost certainly not in the public consciousness. The most common event is the bхrfertхzйs. Bacteria can enter the body through penetration gates (blisters) and cause serious infections. Potential event a tьdхgyulladбs And it is agyvelхgyulladбs There are 3 percent of patients with varicella who are hospitalized.

Are you sure you have a defense?

The head of the School for Responsible Parents, Miben Tibenszky Muna, emphasized the importance of cooperation. "This is not a playground theme," he said. In any case, you should rely on the opinions of experts. A mother needs to manage family health, and part of it is to take care of the family, family, and listen to the right professionals. There's always a lot of cure for chickenpox. One is that it can be entered during pregnancy. The truth is, you need to be part of family planning, and the mother must be convinced that she has protection against varicella. This can be found out with a simple coloring. In rare cases, it is also the case that the mother has had chickenpox even though she has no protection against the disease. (Vaccination is important because infertility can cause fetal malformations during pregnancy.

Pseudomycetes related to varicella

It is a common mistake for the treatment of a varicella patient to avoid having the bathing child bathe during the course of the illness. This is not true. It is strongly recommended to take a shower even several times a day. It is important not to soothe blisters, wounds - the expert called attention.White white blends are also worth remembering. It is not worth lowering the patches with it - the specialist warned. A pediatrician should release the child from the practice to receive a vaccine or to pass the disease - says Dr. Kirбly Balazs. Getting information from professionals and relying on credible sources is paramount. There are a number of trusted services on the Internet (for example,, and among mobile applications, where you can get expert advice from your mother.

Do not be afraid of the defense

Based on the experience gained over 20 years and on the basis of scientific, medical expertise, Dr. Balázs Kiraby recommends that the child be vaccinated. The vaccine can prevent chicken pox by almost 100 percent. It is also important to know that attorneys are around Provides protection for 20 years.Interesting about the name
Did you know that chicken pox got its name by comparing it with black pox? Because it was far more innocuous than its infamous black counterpart, the bear was tagged. Farkashbzi Rick practitioner mother raised the question that is probably in many mothers: why is the vaccine against varicella not part of the compulsory vaccine? Things are going on - answered Balázs Bazaar at the request of the actress. He also added that, in many countries, this is already part of the vaccination program. It is astonishing how quickly vaccination has been suppressed in many countries due to vaccination. Many people are afraid of the side effects of vaccination, which, fortunately, are insignificant. maximum skin, lower fever occurs after vaccination. Weakened morbidity is harmless, unlike the dangers of possible side effects. Unfortunately, in the case of varicella, this has not yet happened. That's why the number of people who are ill is growing year after year.Related materials:
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