17 Things to Do Before Your Second Baby is Born

17 Things to Do Before Your Second Baby is Born

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Before my son was born, I made a huge list of things to do before they were born.

It helped me a lot to prepare for the arrival, and it calmed my mind: everything will be fine by the time it arrives - begin Chelsea Johnson blogger mom.Before my second child, my baby daughter was born, I made another list because I need a second child for other things. I think this list was a big help to me at the time of the transition from being a mom to a kid. Here is my list of 17 points, and every second baby is worthy of a mom.1. Provide a bisexual who will take care of the big one.
When it comes time to go to the hospital, you need to put the bigger ones somewhere, whether it is midnight or any other day in the day. But it is also a good solution to ask one of your parents or one of your friends or a good neighbor to take care of the big one while you are in the church. When our baby was born, we had in hand a list of a few of our friends who we knew were willing to take care of our big son at any time.2. Wash out the things you keep in mind.
Our first child's son, the second girl, was a lot of neutral-colored baby things: white bodysuits, neutral-colored baby diapers, blankets, and some big things that needed cleaning (eg, autos, autos). Make sure everything is clean and fresh for the new little number.

The list will help you prepare for the arrival of your new baby

3. Get everything you need from the storage you need.
There may be a number of things your older child would have packed away around the age of 9 months (eg, a bicycle). Also, assemble them so they are ready for use.4. Get rid of blemishes.
There are stains that you wash anyway that do not come out of white newborn clothes. Those that are very bad simply throw them away. You don't want the newborn to wear his big worn-out, stained clothes?5. Organize your diaper.
An 18-inch diaper is a mess. Every time we leave home, I have to make sure I have something in the bag. This means that every time we leave home, the diaper will be full of crumbs, wrapping paper and other trash. So if you haven't recently viewed the contents of your diaper, I suggest you do it now! This is a good time to fill your bag with newborn things: newborn diapers, pacifiers, etc. Even if you don't need them for a few weeks, they'll be there at least when the time comes.6. Sign up for the pages you need less.
You will probably find most of the things in your home, but you may need to get something. If you donate to baby sites, you will find the right one where you can buy, buy, and buy when you sign up and get discounts. 7. Pack it for the bigger ones as well.
If your older child is away while you are in the ward or after giving birth, pack a bag for him. Put on more clothes, pajamas, diapers, wipes, snacks, your own glasses. So you don't have to worry about it. If you get your first child big enough, you will also enjoy having a baby and a special case for the big occasion.8. Do something special together.
It might be reading a book about buying a bigger brother, but in our case, for example, it was an animal park getaway. My grandfather is only 18 months old, he doesn't really understand what it means to be a big brother, he was more entertained to go with him to an extra place. 9. Make sure everything works.
Replace and discard the bad batteries. Fortunately, we quickly discovered that the baby's dummy didn't work, so we repaired it in good time. We also added a few extra items to prevent you from rushing to the store if you suddenly cancel your service after a few months.10. Check your security.
It may not be the same as it was when your first child was born. Also see what's free and what to pay for when your child is born. 11. Make an agenda for the bigger one.
Of course you won't be able to keep track of everything a babysitter or one who is watching over, but well, you see, your child's day is going to turn out great. Your agenda includes waking up and eating, eating, sleeping, and going to bed at night. It's okay if you don't have everything going as well as when you're there. 12. Tell all useful things to the bisbiter.
If your child has any food allergy, be sure to stop it. But have your phone number and your head on the paper. So feel free to let me know if anything goes wrong. If you write everything down, you don't have to worry about what you forget to bring with you when you bring the kid.13. Find a sister car.
If the age of the children is not that great, a baby carriage will be very useful for you. Browse the web, you can choose from more than one car, or you may have a sister car. 14. Check the Authentication Label for the date.
Authentic lifespan also expires. If you want to use your second baby as your first baby, be sure to check out what's in the back. Most cars expire after 6 years.15. Arrange a diaper party.
A lot of baby clothes and baby gear were donated to us by our friends, but we also used a lot of things left over from our son. The only thing we needed was a diaper, which is why my friends decided so we get it.16. Spit on the essentials.
I am thinking of toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant - the things you use every day. Obviously, you can't buy food and romance products, but you can refuel your household and personal effects in advance so you don't have to run to the store any longer. 17. Cook the pacifiers and bottles.
Interestingly, we left just one pacifier in my baby boy's 18 months, so abundantly at home, just like baby bottles. Boil them in a clean bowl full of water, let them dry and you're done. Simple and great and you don't even have to buy new dolls. Of course, if you want some glamorous pacifiers, buy some new ones. I hope my list has helped you too. Now you're sure you're going to get along with two kids, but don't worry, you'll fall in love with the little one as much as the big one. Good luck! The source of this article can be found here.These may also be of interest to your second baby subject: