Children may also be affected by eczema

Children may also be affected by eczema

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The mood and vision of young generations can be greatly influenced by the possibility of a near-term climate disaster.

Children may also be affected by cyberbullying (Fotу: iStock) An article from hvg.hu quotes the words of teenagers living in the Maldives, who are more at risk of sea level rise in the Maldives, by Caroline Hickman. The adolescents said: "Have we seen people on the net burying a glacier in Iceland, but will we weep? Do you not see that we will soon have water and that our country will be lost? ice, and are we going to forget? " The researcher was inquiring into what kind of emotional responses young people had to climate change. In general, psychologists have found that the so-called eco-anxiety, which has evolved in the wake of ever-more alarming weather anomalies, is increasing in humans. A US kutatбsbуl kiderьlt the fact that the climate is szйlsхsйges esemйnyeket as a pйldбul trуpusi pusztнtбsбt cyclone or a akбr цzцnvнzszerы бradбst produkбlta half kцzel poszttraumбs stress szindrуma tьneteit бtйlt young people, according to the tцrtйntek utбn.Caroline Hickman ezekrхl tйmбkrуl not kцnnyы beszйlgetni children : I mean, because they have a lot to hear because of this volume, we have to say the same thing they have heard, and because the topic is heard more and more important. Young people are primarily angry about climate change, as British researchers have found, and children are overwhelmingly emotionally disturbed by the fact that adults don't do more to stop climate change, and why they do nothing when they talk about the importance of their actions. Children are much more empathetic and more solid in their livelihoods and living in a more natural environment than adults. This is important not only to relieve the anxiety of the little ones, but also to help adults change their responsibilities and start to do something about the change.Related links: