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The baby speaks in horror

The baby speaks in horror

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Young moms tend to question the slightest weight: what's wrong with my baby? Mostly nothing to worry about, the baby just wants to talk. A few days later, her mother is watching her baby's signs and inferring what's wrong.

By trying to find out more quickly what your baby wants, this is not a bad idea. Just keep an eye on it!

Never panic!

Instead of starting to look for a pediatrician's phone number or calling for care, because the tiny little boy is wearing a bubble, just think: Is he hungry? Maybe the diaper is full? Cool… or do you just want a hug? Babies are generally not nearly as materialistic as we often think. The love, the caress, the warmth is what you absolutely need.

Let us beware of the general sacrifice!

Don't listen to opinions and statements like, "What a treat!" or "Just let it cry, your strength will increase!" And the rest. Every baby is a different character, and every one of them puts his or her own words on the books. As long as you learn to speak, the only tool for expression is flush.

Not a whore!

However, at this age, there is never a single "alcoholist". When the baby's bottle or mom's done, the baby's hunger grows, and of course with the increased urge to tell: the lifelong eagerness of life is working. It can also be unfortunate, either because you are bored or because you are disqualified from your fearful rest. A quick, quick change of diaper can make you excited!

Little tricks

And if we don't know what to do? There are good tricks for all ages that usually work. In the first month, the baby has an intense need for breastfeeding. They also like to have their mom or dad swing around in their homes. Mostly, music also has a calming effect. From the age of 3 months onwards, he discovers new dimensions: his head is filled with volleyball games, his changed positions (side or perpendicular), and so on. If nothing helps and it lasts for a long time, it is safest to measure the fever. You know that a newborn can suffer from heat and cold and bring it to our attention. Therefore, we must always make sure that we are equipped according to the temperature conditions.

Why is it that some people drink a lot?

The so-called "hasfбjуs" babбk for example, much more irritable than their peers. We must always be very attentive to the meals, paying special attention to what soothes them. Never miss a great deal of exercise and exercise after exercising and breastfeeding. Babies who do not have an established agenda can also be more irritable. Constant travels, continual arrivals can make the newborn whimsical and sullen.

The baby expresses himself with the sickness

You can also worry about your baby if you need to break away from your mother prematurely because she is in the wilderness or babysitter. Any factor that significantly changes the baby's established rhythm of life significantly influences the mood. If we can, give it a few days or weeks to get ready. Vigyбzat, some children do not immediately respond to your stories, there may be only less visible consequences of the change. Specifically, newborns or those who have a whole baby can be thicker even weeks later.Related Articles:
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