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How do you know when the birth starts?

How do you know when the birth starts?

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Watching movies is so simple. The pregnant mother rises up from the armchair, suddenly gets to the lower abdomen, the fetal water goes out, a little spit, and she has the baby. That's all ... That's exactly why we call it a movie.

She was expecting twins from the beginning, worried how would I know they were going for them? When I asked my niece, she smiled and said that I'll know exactly when the time is right.

Is that it?

But of course the situation is not that simple… I was pregnant at week 37 when I was nude watering outside in the garden when I suddenly felt like something warm is going on all the way down my leg. The stone was freezing and watching what was going on. I changed "something" in a thin slice of my foot, but it didn't become a problem around my foot. Of course, we were immediately taken to the car, headed for childbirth, where I was diagnosed that my amniotic fluid was leaking. The bedside doctor examined me thoroughly and said that my cushion was completely closed, so that a baby pressed my bladder so much that a small amount of urine would crawl out.

That's for sure!

Long, uneventful days followed, and in the middle of week 40 I began to feel tiny spits. There was no pain, but more or less came regularly. 10-15 minutes every 40 seconds. It's been two and a half hours, so my husband and I decided to go into the church again because "these are sure to be the nods." I was happily reminded by the Docking Doctor that I have regular headaches, and I don't know who he was with him so far, but if these really are the real headaches, then the baby will be the whole child. The diagnosis was . The doctor added, calm down, I'll know when the birth will really start. It didn't take long to wait for me, a couple of days later a calm, stiff, strong spider came to me that I knew, well, this is the pain they said so much.

Parenting starts…

So, it can start with a baby's birth: amniotic fluid is leaking, or you have regular low tension, spasms, or hip pain. The flow of amniotic fluid is, for the most part, unambiguous. If it starts, the parent should be considered as starting, even if there are no distractions. Outflow water is usually a lot odorless, if not smelling, possibly slightly pinkish-bloody fluids. This symptom can be caused by a mild bleeding in the mumps. After the baby has run down the water in the head, it clears the outlet gutter. But as it moves, it always moves slightly during the movement, so the flow does not stop, but it flows continuously with shorter or longer breaks. If you want to be sure, put a paper handkerchief or test pad in your panties, and if the amniotic fluid is really flowing, the handkerchief will get wet in 15-30 minutes. mйhцsszehъzуdбsokkal, begins with cabbages. At first, cappuccinos appear irregularly and then become regular over time. There's no point in watching the weather between the moments of trouble. During the breaks between the beds we can relax, rest for a while, until the whole abdomen has swollen. At the same time, if it persists and strengthens, then the church will control! Most importantly, if you are uncertain, do not hesitate to consult a specialist. Birth services are open 24 hours a day, can a baby doctor tell you if your baby has really started overnight?