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Everyone should use cold and warm therapy

Everyone should use cold and warm therapy

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In addition to physical activity and well-balanced nutrition, sauna and cold baths, ice-baths can be the elements that contribute significantly to healing and health.

Sauna is good for your healthDvorák Mбrton, a movement therapist at the Medical Center for Life, explains why.

Why are you gay?

According to a study by the Mayo Clinic, sauna is not just a great tool for relaxation. Regular saunas have lower blood pressure, the incidence of cardiovascular diseases and, to a lesser extent, they cope with lung diseases, cognitive and mental disorders. Previous studies have also shown that the incidence of inflammation is reduced and the immune system is boosted by extreme warmth, treatment for depression One of the main reasons for the positive effects, according to experts, is that staying regularly at 80-100 degrees Celsius for 5-20 minutes (once a week), when other muscles in the body are not activated. However, it is worthwhile to be worthwhile: Those who significantly exceed the once-a-week opportunity have been reported to increase the risk of high blood pressure and heart attack. Patients with cardiovascular disease and their cardiac patients should consult their recommended physician for a sauna.

Why the cold?

Cold Therapy - which can mean a cold shower, after or after a sauna, a plunge pool, a dip in the icy water, a splash or even yourself. cryotherapy - also offers many benefits. It stimulates the immune system, can reduce inflammation and make you lose weight. According to a study published in Nature magazine, being exposed to extreme cold can transform the body's fat into a healthier body type, thereby indirectly facilitating weight loss. Other studies suggest that cold therapy may also play a role in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

Why Invest in Lifestyle?

- Extreme heat and cold are known as "coping" techniques in fitness, also known as environmental conditioning. In this way, the body's resilience can be increased, that is, the ability of the resilience to adapt successfully to even a shocking external effect. This can be an element of your lifestyle that is worth implementing alongside the basics of exercising and eating. For as much as losing weight, maintaining fitness, healing is the goal, lifestyle is always crucial. Lifestyle medicine can help in this development, including motion therapy - emphasizes Mérrton Dvorakk, Physical Therapist at the Medical Center of Living. - And a specially refined, monitored lifestyle program strengthens your heart muscle, helps you lose weight, improves your mood, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. You must be sure. And on a well-established basis, applying hot-cold therapies on a weekly basis can help to heal the whirlwind of healing, health and fitness.
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